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Pilgrimage Tour in Jerusalem are thought as spiritual and mesmerizing for anyone belonging to different religions

Jerusalem is a city suspended between heaven and earth, east and west, past and present-parallel universes of flowing caftans and classy coffee shops. For some people, Jerusalem is a condition, like finding yourself in love; for others, it is a frame of mind, a constant tension between rival flags and faiths, or people in the same faith.

Jerusalem City

Take a Tour to Jerusalem – the town of God

Holy land tours are thought as spiritual and mesmerizing for anyone belonging to different religions. The holy land tours bring strong images, memories, and feelings in your thoughts; regarding the religious history. Such holy land tours are helpful to discover the unique cultures and heritage from the ancient times. The experience of holy land tours is very realistic, through which the tourists and pilgrims knows much concerning the history and their connection to the spiritual roots.

Jerusalem may be the holiest city in the world to both Jews and Christian and also the 3rd Holiest to Muslims, and as you walk around together with your tour guide you’ll see why. Christians believe Christ was crucified here, Jews think that under the Temple Mount may be the Stone of Foundation – where the universe began, where their first Temple and centre of the religion was built, and also the Muslims (who also revere Jesus like a propher, but not the Messiah) it’s the place to find the oldest Mosque in the world (al-Aqsa), and marks the purpose of Muhammed’s ascension to heaven. It’s fair to state, passions run wild here, and also the tour will give you an insight in it.

Jerusalem – A Christian Pilgrimage Destination

The death of Emperor Julian also marked the death of pagan Rome forever. In the future, Rome would be ruled by Christian emperors, and just what was once a subversive movement had become the national religion once and for all. The modification this wrought in Jerusalem was nearly immediate: After the fourth century, new churches had popped up throughout the city, pilgrims were descending upon it in droves, and feast days became huge, citywide celebrations.
Succeeding the emperor Julian was Jovian, a Christian who banned the Jews in the Jerusalem once again. Their devotion towards the city strengthened all the more after nearly losing it, Christians started to travel into the city in great numbers, and lots of even stayed. It was during this period that Saint Jerome, once from the central figures of early Christianity, traveled to Jerusalem. This influx of Christians swelled further throughout the reign of Emperor Theodosius, who was crowned emperor in 379 A.D.

Theodosius would be a Spaniard and a devout Christian, who had been committed to uphold his stringent Orthodoxy through the empire. To this end, Theodosius prohibited pagan sacrifice and turn off the pagan shrines and temples. Also, he ended put an end to the long-running Arian controversy by pronouncing Nicene Christianity the state doctrine of the empire in 381.

The Christian Pilgrimage Tours

The Christian Pilgrimage Tours take a look at Israel through the eyes of the Christian Pilgrim. The tour follows Jesus’ footsteps: from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and resurrection in Jerusalem. One of the visited sites are: Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jordan River, Mount of Olives and much more

The heat of the day was a small killer, but when you’re seeing probably the most important religious sites within the whole world, you get over it. The tour was awesome, tip your best guide a couple of euros at the end and you’ll great for a return the next day to look at everything that you glossed over today. The tour can help you learn more about the development of Christianity in order to deepen your understanding of the Holy Land from an historical, a spiritual and a contemporary point of view.