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Hindu Temples, the great symbols of Hinduism are popular tourist attractions and religious places in Mombasa diversifying it's unique culture of Kenya.

Having over 900 million followers worldwide, Hinduism is one of the world’s ancient religions. Mombasa, with a population of over 650,000, is the second largest city on the coast of Kenya mixing Hindu people. This modern cosmopolitan city of kenya offers a cultural melting pot with Mosques, Hindu Temples and Christian churches found throughout. One of the symbols of Mombasa’s diversity in cultures is the Hindu Temples. These temples are a famous tourist destinations and a tour can usually be taken inside the temple, with a historical background of the particular temple given by one of the temple gurus.

Extravagant idols and stone carvings of the various religious beliefs are typically displayed within the temple and on its walls. The architectures of these religious Hindu Temples in Mombasa has great variety of old and modern styles. They are usually dedicated to one primary Hindu deity and feature a murti of the deity. Although it is not mandatory for a Hindu to visit a Hindu temple regularly, they play a vital role in Hindu society and culture.

Check out the popular Hindu temples of Mombasa:

Mombasa Lord Shiva Hindu Temple

Religious Hindu Temples In Mombasa

Swaminarayan temple In Mombasa

It is so beautiful symbol of magnificent architecture among Mombasa’s temples. which attracts the tourist in large number. The Lord Shiva Hindu Temple, near Jamhuri Park, has an interesting sculpture garden. This impressive building is topped with an awesome gold spire. This temple displays interesting architecture, but the gold spire on top of the building is its most striking feature. The sculpture garden around this temple is one of the top attractions in the city and offers a place to sit down and relax.

Swaminarayan Temple – Mombasa, Kenya

In kenya’s Mombasa city on Haile Selassie Road there is also the Swaminarayan Temple with ornately painted doors and paintings from Hindu mythology. Shri Kutchi Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, it had been constructed in 1957, making the temple the very first BAPS temple built outside India.

The most interesting places to visit are Shri Swaminarayan Temple, one of the oldest Hindu temples and impressive of East Africa. Is very close to the train station and from afar, looks like a big birthday cake. The Uhuru Gardens and the Giant Tusks, the symbol of the city are four giant elephant tusks, built to celebrate the coronation of Elizabeth II and looks like a door of welcome to Mombasa.

The primary idols were made in Bhuj in Kutch, India and were installed inside the temple in an auspicious ceremony in 1960. The big, two-storey grand door at the entrance impresses visitors using its bright colors. Everyone is thanks for visiting take a tour, guided through the temple gurus who explain a brief history and significance of the various items present inside.

There’s a prayer hall on the ground floor, mostly full of women chanting and worshipping in a lively manner. A bigger prayer hall is located upstairs. Paintings depicting the vast Hindu mythology can be seen through the temple. They tell stories of religion, but additionally have immense value as works of art. The stone carvings around the walls and the idols of the Hindu gods portray a brief history of Mombasa as much as the faith of the worshippers.