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CNN put on a unique some months back, referred to as some thing like “Gods Warriors” in which a number of the religious motivation behind today’s conflict inside the Mid-East was explored. And naturally there is certainly with out a doubt, religious at the same time as ethnic ingredients fueling the unrest that generally surrounds the tiny nation of Israel. Even so, the bias of “all troubles are caused by religion” or “religious fanatics” was fairly evident. This will be the attitude or approach 1 virtually constantly finds inside the media or in modern day academia, and normally without having considerably balance. But the greatest difficulty behind these varieties of shows or textbook presentations will be the insidious way in which they’re presented.

And I do not mean just that only the negative side of the religious contribution to mankind is presented, although that could be undoubtedly accurate. This is especially so when the religion becoming discussed entails Judeo-Christianity. But which is a topic which deserves an whole post to start to do far more than just scratch the surface. The actual sneaky and insidious component of these discussions normally lies inside the truth that a minimum of 1 religion is constantly left out of the conversation; Atheism. This is especially dishonest when the whole program or post is becoming written from 1 specific viewpoint, that of secular humanism, or naturalism, that are just nice words for Atheism. Atheism, ahh, the nice religion. The only neutral religion. And it can be the only religion which is normally able to hide its religious identity behind the mask of non-religion or religious neutrality.

But is it genuinely the secure religion? And really should we enable it to continue to disguise itself in a cloak of secular non-religion, in our public schools and media? In spite of the howls of protests by its inherents, atheism surely is often a religion, with its own creation story (Darwinism), and belief system. And far from becoming the nice, secure religion it claims to be, it can be rather the bloodiest of all religions, having killed and maimed far more men and women in its short reign of somewhat far more than a hundred years, then all of the other significant religions might be accused of killing inside the last two millennia. And I make that statement even soon after generously excluding the enormous numbers of abortions that have taken location all through the world inside the last fifty years.

Mao is admitted to have killed over 40 million in the course of his brief remain on earth, and we will not add the numbers of infants killed inside the forced abortion policy. Or the number of inmates killed inside the body parts market. Hitler, a quite enthusiastic evolutionist, killed over 6 million in his death camps, but how a lot of far more could possibly be added to the death list if his whole war effort fueled in a significant component by his strident faith is calculated? Pol Pot in Cambodia slaughtered his millions, which includes significant numbers of doctors as well as other educated men and women. And then there is certainly Mother Russia. I don’t forget when it was regarded as really hip to create enjoyable of Ronald Reagan for labeling Russia as the, “Evil Empire”. That was just before we had even a vague notion of the vastness of his human, “Gulag”, system, with its thousands of prison labor camps all across Russia. Naturally in case you had been a promising young scientist, you could go to live in 1 of the a lot of Secret Cities which enjoyed a considerably greater regular of living. Don’t forget, all men and women are equal, but some are far more equal than other people in a society where the individual might be sacrificed for the improvement of the, um, far more equal.

Not that those slave labor camps weren’t a actual boon to the Soviet economy. Stalin was able to put 100,000 workers with pick and shovels to work constructing the canal from the White Sea to the Baltic. Regrettably 1 third of those workers died inside the method, but there had been millions far more where they came from. Inside the Kolyma mines, millions of political prisoners had been put to work. 1 third of them had been expected to die their 1st year. The rest died in their second year. Once more, I will not even mention the mass graves, the millions of forced abortions, the incredibly hazardous environmental policies, which exposed men and women to high level of pollutants and worse. The nice religion?

No Magna Charta here, absolutely nothing to appeal to which says that even kings as well as other governments are still under God and answerable to His Laws. Only the law of “survival of the fittest”.And what type of moral law might be built on that? Whatever the Powerful decrees. Can we genuinely afford to enable “secular humanism” to continue to hide behind the lie of religious neutrality ?