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Amazing Magical Christmas time in Prague,Should you spent your Christmas vacation in the wonderful capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague’s Old Town is fabulous anytime of year, but Christmas transforms it into an unearthly performance of sunshine, colors and scents. Each year the Staromestske namesti (Central Square) becomes a bustling stage for hand-made puppets, wooden toys, children dancing in traditional costumes and visitors who eagerly end up part of this magical performance. Regardless of the weather, the markets through the Old Town will always be open, crowded and buzzing with energy. But it is more about a special a atmosphere than pure shopping. A go of Becherovka (traditional spicy liquor), a bite of Trdelnik (cinnamon sugar pastry) and you are all set for one of the best Christmas experiences it’s possible to imagine.

Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Market

Prague has among its charms an architecture that provides a breathtaking and magical view to anybody who visits it for the very first time. This deep impression the city has on visitors lingers in his memory and is present over and over on each new visit to the capital of the Czech Republic. What is clear is it is impossible to visit Prague just once, because everyone who goes there really wants to come back again.

Here you’ll find colorful Christmas markets where one can not only buy souvenirs, but warm up, taste hot wine, and check out traditional Czech cuisine. On Christmas and also the very New Year’s Eve you will see plenty of open air entertainments you certainly should visit with the family.

  • Christmas is a special time of year in Prague and also the Christmas markets (Vanocni trh) are a key ingredient in the Czech festive magic. The Prague Christmas markets bring visitors and locals together to talk about the holiday spirit inside a true ‘winter wonderland’ setting.
  • Prague Christmas markets run daily from 9am to 7pm through the festive period. The primary markets are at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, with smaller ones at Namesti Republiky & Havelske Trziste.
  • The Prague Christmas markets contain rows of brightly decorated wooden huts, selling Czech handicrafts, hot food (corn around the cob, sausages and local specialties) and warm drinks. Outdoor christmas shopping is easier with a cup of hot wine (svarene vino) inside your hand.
  • When the Christmas lights happen to be hung in the streets, their warm colors and tinkling sounds multiply the story book effect on the houses, towers and narrow streets of the city. The smells and also the music coming from the Christmas markets the city offers each year around this time multiply the sensation of indescribable beauty the city atmosphere suggests.
  • The romance of the stroll through the old part of the town could find its climax within this place, where the Staromestske Christmas market is located. There, underneath the imperturbable passing of the hours marked through the astronomical clock, the little handmade artworks that people find in wooden shops that have been arranged for this purpose could be admired.
  • The main City Hall, for instance, presents the whole Christmas-crib with animals roaming everywhere and little Jesus lying in the bed, while every church arranges its Puppet Theater, performing Biblical scenes with angels, wise men and also the Virgin Mary. Nearby you will find donkeys and ponies that brought the wise men towards the son of God. The children can enjoy riding these good-natured animals. All of this theatrical show is accompanied by the cheerful songs.
  • Wenceslas Square is another of the selected points in Prague to setup a Christmas market. Maybe it is less crowded as the first one, and charming. In either of the two markets is easy to combine a typical shopping day using the tasting of different traditional Czech products.
  • Biscuits and sweets like the traditional Trdlo complement the Czech form of hot dogs, which they call Parek v rohliku. This sort of hot dog is usually garnished with various condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, as much as here like usual, but additionally with Czech mustard, herbs, chopped onions, cabbage, cheese and sliced ??pickled cucumbers, a really similar combination towards the Danish one and which is different from others by its characteristic flavor.
  • The svavrene is another culinary delight that exist in these markets. This sort of wine helps us warm inside due to the spices that give for this hot wine a distinctive taste which has a strong tradition in central Europe, although in every country it is known within different name.
  • Some interesting Christmas stocking fillers are available in the markets, which stock a number of Czech glass, wooden toys, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hand-made jewellery and, obviously, puppets, always puppets.

Christmas in Prague

Should you spent your Christmas vacation in the wonderful capital of the Czech Republic. There are a number of international Christmas markets to savor, wonderful fairy lights in each and every shop window and adorning every tree, and try to a thick layer of snow to help you get into the festive mood.

  • Prague Hotels are near to the centre of the city, which becomes alive readily and magic throughout the Christmas holiday time of year. Prague is the place to find many parks, stunning architecture along with a number of rivers running with the centre of the city so an ideal way to spend a day is strolling round the majestic and historic city and purchasing cups of mulled wine or egg nog in the various street vendors, and admiring the great market stalls selling handmade Christmas gifts.
  • Prague includes a number of traditions and legends that can make your Christmas in Prague unique and various, including St. Nicholas Day, whenever you will see Saint Nicholas, ‘the Devil’ and ‘the Angel’ wandering round the city asking children should they have been good throughout every season.
  • New Year is celebrated exactly the same way as in other countries. This is a classic tradition to spend the final day of the year with the family and friends, drinking champagne and lightweight the fireworks at midnight, greeting 2013.

During your vacation you just have to visit Prague restaurants and confectionaries to test traditional Christmas pastry like cukrovi, tiny cookies, having a maximum diameter of three cm that melt inside your mouth, vanochki (a traditional sweet bun made from braided dough), or shtol , a cake in the shape of a log.