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Christmas Vacation in Quebec City, Canada: If you are searching for a snowy white Christmas, Quebec City in Canada is where you should visit.

Quebec City, Canada: If you are searching for a snowy white Christmas, Quebec City in Canada is where you should visit. This old town using its stone buildings and mansard roofs is adorned with lights and decorations to help you to experience its charm and sweetness. To add to the festivities on Christmas, you will find concerts based on classical music, jazz, carols, and ballet performances too.

Christmas in Quebec City means home cooking, traditions handed down from generation to generation, and a lot of merrymaking. Plus it is so unbelievably beautiful. Narrow streets lined with tiny, sparkling firs, buildings dusted with snow, music and live street theater exude ” old world ” charm captured in a winter story book. At the famous Marche de Noel (Christmas market), both recreational and shopping conscious visitors will discover a myriad of treats for themselves, from hand-crafted toys, hand-knitted winter accessories and ceramics to maple products, liquors and traditional baked goods.

Quebec City, Canada

When you walk through Old Quebec City and also the Petit-Champlain neighborhood, you will feel the magic of the old-fashioned Christmas. What you may find exciting within this city are the German Christmas fairs organized having a host of delightful treats, mulled wines, German Christmas cakes, and grilled sausages. Finally, you might treat yourself with a classy dining experience in the city’s only restaurant-boat, the Louis Jolliet, while you cruise along going through the scenery and the decorations throughout.

Christmas Attractions and Events in Quebec City

Through the month of December and January, you’ll experience the enchantment of the holidays with QuebecAdabra! This is surely an enchanting Christmas place and you will be charmed through the atmosphere. It is the city’s nicest area which may be impregnated with the holidays. Also you must see the Fantasmagorie; including the numerous gathering as well the famous and also the electrifying countdown on 31st December. Besides you may also take the Old Quebec tour because you will walk through the heart of the Old Quebec towards the Petit Champlain neighborhood. The tour includes a visit of the market and also the tasty regional products.

Because the temperature reaches -10 degrees in December in Quebec another attraction of Christmas within the city is skiing. You may enjoy the white Christmas in the foot of the slopes using the Santa Clause. There is also a very traditional party in Stoneham having a gourmet supper to make it an unforgettable holiday vacation. There are various fun pursuits like treasure hunts and these activities and holiday spirit could be from November 18 to December 22, 2012. If you’re here with the family and children, then don’t miss the Toy Parade that’s especially dedicated to the children because there are bass bands, mascots, entertainers which parade will take you to one’s heart of the Christmas magic in downtown Quebec City.

For those travelling to enjoy the Christmas in Quebec City, be sure you visit the very impressive Montmorency Falls that is just few minutes away from the City. This can be a spectacular site and after the 400th anniversary from the Quebec, the whole surrounding park is illuminated which even makes this area more impressive and enchanting.

Where you can Eat in Quebec City

When you’re in Quebec City there are many places for you to grab a bite:

  • Café-Boulangerie Paillard is a certified organic bakery, sandwich bar, ice-cream parlor, pastry counter and summer pizza shop, that is known for its whole-grain breads, artisan gelato, French pastries and gourmet sandwiches. It’s located in the Upper Town in Quebec City and it has a convivial atmosphere with long wooden tables to obtain the customers to talk to each other frankly.
  • Laurie Raphaël Restaurant-Atelier-Boutique contains both local and regional foods. There’s a seven-course menu available in the restaurant with wines complementing the program. The exclusive food and products of this Lower Town Restaurant are surely ‘t be missed.
  • Panache restaurant has enchanting wooden floors beams from building’s warehouse days. The chef from the restaurant has mixed some traditional French Canadian cuisine with a few modern touches. The menu from the restaurant changes seasonally but there aren’t many things that you will find all around the year like maple=-glazed breast of duck. There’s also a seven-course meal with some exclusive wine selections available.

Places to stay in Quebec for Christmas?

Searching for a place to stay in Quebec City, one of these simple hotels is perfect for a Christmas holiday.When you attend a concert to check out more to enjoy Christmas, stay overnight in the Château Frontenac and explore the charm of the ancient city aboard a tramway. Such guided tours will even help you know about the culture and history of Old Quebec City. That old fashioned town with mansard roofs and stone buildings; the Quartier Petit Champlain, in which a cobblestone street is lined by specialty shops and evergreen adorned with lights.

  • Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac – This is excellent hotel with lovely grounds, atmosphere, staff and food. Your accommodation is located centrally with makes an easy walking use of all the wonderful places and sites from the Old Quebec City. This is more than a hotel; this is considered to be the symbol of the city.
  •  Auberge Le Vincent is a 4 star hotel that has amalgamated the historic and contemporary style perfectly. This really is one of the first choices of the tourists because it is located centrally in the Quebec City and allows a simple access to all the attractions from the city like Parliament, Museums, bus and train stations etc. Your accommodation also offers all the basic amenities like free high-speed internet, the various showerheads in the bathrooms etc.
  • Hotel Le Germain-Dominion is another modern hotel with all the simple and easy modern amenities like free high-speed internet, fitness center, room service, wheelchair access and so forth.In order to have classic snowy Christmas vacations this place is perfect for you.

Winter Wonderland in Quebec City

Quebec City is a place said to be even more stunning in the winter months. With steady snowfalls and fairy-tale mansions in the colonial era, the old a part of town often resembles a snow globe. Wander via a series of old shops on cobblestone streets, go for a walk along the river, or even better, visit the magnificent Chateaux Frontenac, now expensive hotels.

Make sure you benefit from the white magical Christmas in Quebec City making your holidays truly memorable with the family and friends.