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At the top of a hill in the south of Phuket island, you can observe a white marble Buddha statues. This is the Big Buddha of Phuket, and it's merely a short drive up the mountain with an easy, but winding road.

The largest Buddha in Phuket is the big white marble covered statue over the Nakkerd hills in the south from the island near Chalong. It’s been being built for many years. The main statue is rather well complete, but there’s still operate in progress around the edges. If this was being built we’d show up the hill for the views plus some peace. Now it’s a part of many tour itineraries, so could be crowded, unless you visit morning hours or late afternoon. The statue is visible from much of the south from the island, and the views in the hill, more than 400m above the sea, are wonderful.

Giant Buddha intended to turn into a local landmark along with a destination for both tourists and devoted Buddhists to stopover. The look of Buddha is 45meters in height and 25 meter wide in the base. The Big Buddha is covered in white marble from Burmese. It’s just seen from far away. To begin visitors can enjoy the one of the best All over phenomenal view of many Phuket famous beaches.

The vista is enormous and a ride as much as the summit of Nakkerd Hill is definitely worth the trip. The road as much as Big Buddha is between Chalong Circle (Ha Yeak Chalong) and Wat (Temple) Chalong. You cannot miss the turn as you can see huge signs with “Big Buddha”. This route to the peak is 5.5 km — mixed partially paved and dirt. Should you drive up with a motorbike you need to keep an eye on the many pot-holes.

From the carpark you go through a big hall before climbing up another 78 steps. Within the big hall you can find details about the building progress, souvenirs, Buddhist amulets along with a model of Nakkerd Hill including a little Big Buddha.

Big Marble Buddha Of Phuket

Big Marble Buddha Of Phuket

The magnificent view compensates for that little exercise exerted to get there and you will enjoy the silence and wonderful view overlooking southern Phuket. Towards the east you can see Chalong Bay using its fleet of boats moored there; towards the south is Rawai and to the west you’ve got a nice look over Kata Beach.

For any donation of 100 Baht you’ll receive a small marble tile which you’ll sign with your name and thoughts. The marble tile is going to be used to cover the Big Buddha to provide him a noble finish.

You are able to drive by car or motorbike for you to get here. The road is almost all paved . We rented an automobile for this trip arrived at 3pm. The Increase Nakkered hill was just as good view. We had elephants trekking and great views over Phuket City. Additionally there is plenty of monkeys in the trees and surroundings to begin. It wasn’t busy day, so very few peoples visitor on this location.

The website is free entry. Please be respectful, you must have shoulders covered and if you wear shorts (females) they’ll hand you a Sarong or Skirt to put on. . You can receive a blessing in the monks will be nice if one makes a donation also. There’s a small museum , souvinier shops and drink and food stalls at the site. As you begin to climb the steps to Big Buddha, the way in which is lined with hundreds of bells. The noise of all the bells really beautiful. The initial one the beautiful tree with bells and heart pictures, some couples write his name also. All around the Big Buddha is a smaller Buddha gold statue.

Overall the value place to visit in Phuket. The views in the top was awesome and wonderful.