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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have had the opportunity to experience many beautiful beaches in and around the city.

The most famous and best beaches of Rio de Janeiro attracts locals and tourists looking for places to relax, admire its natural beauty, to practice sports, or just to take a drink or juice near the seaside. They are places of leisure and fun stuff for all ages and tastes.

All the beaches of Rio de Janeiro are beautiful by nature, usually being surrounded on both ends by rocks and mountains, and having beautiful views of islands and other famous mountains that can be sighted.The most famous beaches of Rio are the ones that are ever more into focus and also full of events and activities. They are Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach, both famous and well known in Brazil and throughout the wourld for a long time. But there are lots of beautiful and interesting beaches along the city coast and you can see them listed below.

Best beaches in rio de janeiro

Best beaches in rio de janeiro

Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro


Perhaps the most famous of all of Rio’s beaches, Copa remains a crowd pleaser. Rent a chair at one of the beach kiosks, order an acai smoothie, or a Skol cerveja and relax at one of the world’s most famous beaches. Nearly 3 miles long, Copacabana beach begins at Princesa Isabela Avenue and ends at Posto Seis (lifeguard post 6). It is framed by a gorgeous wave-patterned sidewalk designed by artist Roberto Burle Marx. It is also home to Rio’s legendary New Year’s Eve event, when an estimated 2 million cariocas and friends head to the beach dressed in white to ring in the New Year.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach, which is only 600 meters (less than half a mile) from Copacabana Beach, is the second most famous beach in Brazil. Ipanema is a trendy and open-minded neighborhood, and so is Ipanema beach, with tanned, young and beautiful girls and boys from Ipanema.One block inland from Ipanema Beach on Rua Vinicius de Moraes
(Vinicius de Moraes street) is located Bar Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema Bar), where was composed the famous Brazilian bossa nova The Girl from Ipanema, which is the second-most recorded song in history.

Praia Vermelha

Praia Vermelha may be one of Rio’s smallest beaches, but it really packs a lot in for visitors: Besides the reddish-hued sands and secluded setting, there’s also a cable car that takes tourists to the top of 1,300-foot-tall Sugarloaf Mountain (in Portuguese, Pão de Açúcar) as well as a mile-long paved hiking trail along the rocky coastline.

Barra da Tijuca Beach

Barra da Tijuca Beach

Leblon Beach

This beach sits at the lower end of Ipanema Beach and is the most tranquil of all the beaches in Rio.It’s very popular with families who reside in the upscale neighborhoods behind it. You will find a number of luxury hotels favored by more affluent foreign tourists, as well as apartments owned rich and famous Brazilians.

Barra da Tijuca Beach

Called simply “Barra” by locals, Barra da Tijuca Beach is a local spot without the small beachside cafes and shops that Copa and Ipanema have. Favored by surfers and activity enthusiasts, the water at Barra is some of the cleanest in all of Rio. The shopping and entertainment in Barra districts are not walk able, and a car is really needed to explore. It has much more of an ‘Americanized’ layout as it is home to South America’s largest mall.

Sao Conrado Beach

The uncrowded Sao Conrado Beach has an attraction that no other beach in Rio de Janeiro does hang gliders landing on the sand. On a typical day with the right weather conditions you may see dozens of them landing right in front of you. You can either lounge on the beach to watch all the landings or you can sit at a table at one of the small cafes on the sidewalk and watch them while sipping a coconut milk, a beer, a caipirinha, or an açaí (a Brazilian berry healthy smoothie).

Vermelha Beach

Vermelha Beach is a small beach right next to Sugar Loaf. Despite its proximity to Sugar Loaf, very few tourists lounge on it. Here is a tip then: when visiting Sugar Loaf, bring along your swimming suit to take your time on this beach from where you can see the cable cars up and down Sugar Loaf.Due to its calm water, Vermelha Beach is also popular for renting a canoe or a paddle board (the latter became extremely popular in Rio de Janeiro in the last years).