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DZP in Devon, UK is a the perfect place for a wild day out experience. So discover something unique, learn something amazing rich world of animal life in Dartmoor park.

Dartmoor zoological park is amazing world of bizarre spreading in beautiful woodland, has some stunning views of the surrounding countryside and a fantastic collection of animals, in the South Hams of Devon. Nice zoo, worth a stop if you’re in the area, Dartmoor Zoo is next to the village of Sparkwell, just off the A38 outside Plymouth. It’s well-signposted from the A38, with brown wildlife park signs.
It is condsidedred that over than 200 animals from tiny stick insects to ben our Brown bear or solomon and lions are roaming there. These all set in over 30 acres of beautiful wild parkland. Take a trip to the zoo with a difference. Be treated like a very important person on special visit, where you will be guided around the park and come face to face with one of the world’s most feared predator, the Siberian Amur Tiger. This spectacular animal is both beautiful and fierce. The average male reaches a length of 77 inches with a tail growth of up to 39 inches. You will be allowed to take photographs, but only at the discretion of the zoo staff. During the experience, instructions by zoo staff must be followed at all times and participation is allowed only on your acceptance of the strict health and safety requirements which you’ll be required to sign on the day. The have a very straightforward pricing policy so that you can fit our venue into your budget without worrying about any hidden surprises. All of the money raised from weddings goes straight back into helping to run the zoo, contributing to conservation, education and development.

Dartmoor Zoo wildlife Park

Dartmoor zoo park animals

Your may experience starts in the Jaguar Restaurant where you will enjoy complimentary refreshments before being met by one of the team. They will explain some of the exciting activities you will be undertaking during your day and give you the health and safety information you need. You will become a member of the keeper team and experience all aspects of animal care including cleaning, food preparation, feeding and working with the animals, helping out at daily events and more.
Dartmoor Zoo has actually been open for many many years but had a short closure due to change of ownership a couple years back. It has improved immensly in that time.It’s a ‘posh’ zoo like Paignton but you can see the animals and in a sense it’s more naturalistic as it’s not a whole built up area,it’s set in natural countryside. You get closer to the animals than you do in any zoo and the range of big cats is amazing.It is a good day out though if you are going for the animals rather than fancy looks to a zoo (which is not what a zoo is about) And the otters are adorable,they are often out in full view and have a tendancy to follow you around their enclosure and make cutesy little noises at you while often putting their ickle paws out!

A reviewer and visitor can get different experience of Dartmoor zoo. Definitely the best zoo around! You actually get to see the animals here not like another zoo where the animals are hidden or in their ‘houses’. The tigers are amazing – there is one in an enclosure on her own and another tigers which live together! You may lucky enough to have a close encounter with Blotch, Stripe and Vlad . You had never seen bears up close before but saw all in their enclosure, the best thing about this zoo is that many of the enclosures – tigers, jaguar, bears and cheetah – have a wall and moat rather than fencing so that you feel that you are that bit closer to the animals – a fantastic experience! You will also saw the Lions and jaguar being fed. The are lynx,monkeys, birds of prey, owls, wolves, a tapir, coatimundis, otters, meerkats and a field with smaller animals you can walk with. A brilliant local zoo with many animals you don’t see in larger zoos.

There is another aspects of point of view. You may imagine it as a large farm house located in Devon with outbuildings, built on a hill with paths and fields leading up to it, normally while experiencing the beauty of the Devon countryside you would expect to see cows or sheep dotted about in fields, perhaps the odd horse, with this experience, you basically experience the Devon countryside as you would expect to, but with the odd exotic animal or bird appearing in fields, some animals will come to the boundary edge out of curiosity, while others may remain quite a long distance off in fields. It is great the animals have lots of space like this but sometimes I could hardly see them, no effort in my opinion was made to replicate the animals natural habitat. The tiger enclosure at this zoo looked more like a replica of stone henge than India.