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Tokyo Tower is really a famous Japanese and Tokyo icon and landmark made famous through many Japanese films and anime. Tokyo Tower is modelled on the Eiffel Tower.

Tokyo Tower is definitely an icon of Japan that is primarily a tv antenna tower styled such as the Eiffel Tower. Tokyo Tower is another popular tourist destination being an observation deck which supplies views over the Tokyo Bay Area and of some of the surrounding areas. The tower, that was completed in 1958, was built denoting the global economic powerhouse that Japan was becoming. It stands almost 1,100 feet in height,above ground, you may enjoy a speechless aerial view towards the cityscape of Tokyo, as the sunsets are very inspiring, too. Additionally, at the base of the tower can be found the FootTown building, where one can come across numerous attractions too, featuring many shops, a museum, a gallery, restaurants along with other eateries. The Tokyo Tower is surely a place not to miss. and in the observation tower visitors can easily see as far as Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukuba.Tokyo-Tower-Famous-Monument-of-japan

The tower is one of the city’s most breathtaking man-made landmarks and boasts two viewing platforms, that you can get panoramic views across Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Within the tower, you will also find the most popular Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, the Mysterious Walking Zone and also the Trick Art Gallery.

Found in the base of the tower is really a 4-story building known as FootTown. The very first floor includes the Aquarium Gallery, a reception hall, the 400-person-capacity ‘Tower Restaurant’, a FamilyMart convenience store and souvenir shop. This floor’s main attractions, however, would be the three elevators that provide as a direct ride towards the Main Observatory. The second floor is primarily a food and shopping area. As well as the five standalone restaurants, the 2nd floor’s food court includes four restaurants, together with a McDonald’s and a Pizza-La.

FootTown’s second and third floors house several attractions. The third floor hosts the Guinness World Records Museum Tokyo, a museum that houses life-size figures, photo panels and memorabilia depicting interesting records which have been authenticated by the Guinness Book. The Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, opened in 1970, displays wax figures imported from London where these were made.

A hologram gallery named the Gallery DeLux, a lounge and some specialty stores will also be located on this floor. Tokyo Tower’s Trick Gallery is located on the building’s forth and final floor.

This gallery displays optical illusions, including paintings and objects that visitors can communicate with. On the roof of the FootTown building is really a small amusement park which contains several small rides and hosts live performances for kids. On weekends and holidays, visitors may use the roof to access the tower’s outside stairwell. At approximately 600steps, the stairwell is definitely an alternative to the tower’s elevators and leads straight to the Main Observatory.

  • Open hours: daily – 09:00 to 10:00, seasonal variations apply

Tokyo Tower Entry Fees

  • Tokyo Tower is open 9am to 10pm using the last entry at 9:45pm.
  • Main Observatory (150m)
  • Adults 820 yen Children 460 yen Infants 310 yen

Special observatory (250m)

  • (You need access to the Main Observatory first, so these costs are in addition to Main Observatory fees)
  • Adults 600 yen Children 400 yen Infants 350 yen

Tokyo Tower Access

  • There are many way to access Tokyo Tower via public transport:


  • Akabanebashi Station around the Metropolitan Subway Oedo line a 5 minute walk.
  • Onarimon Station around the Metropolitan Subway Mita line a 6 minute walk.
  • Kamiyacho Station around the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line a 7 minute walk.
  • JR Train Service: Hamamatsucho Station around the Yamanote line then a 15 minute walk.

Best time to go

Get the most bang from your buck and visit Tokyo Tower once the view is the most spectacular. For viewing the outside of the tower the optimum time is either morning hours as the Sun is booming, late afternoon around dusk, and lastly at night when the sky’s black. For viewing the town from the Observatory, obviously whenever is good while there’s still sunlight. The suggested program would be to arrive at the tower 1hr before sunset, to be able to view the Tower’s exterior whilst bathing within the golden late afternoon sunlight. Then ascend the tower to see the city from the Observatory. Next spend time in Foot Town, checking the various features and eateries. Then finally when you’re done it ought to be dark out and you may have a chance to view the outside glowing in the darkness.

It is recommended combine a visit to Tokyo Tower having a visit to Zojo-ji Temple, certainly one of Tokyo’s major temples, that’s located just near the tower.