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The season of sun and fun is here, and cities across the country will celebrate by throwing fabulous food festivals. Here are some of the most memorable food festivals taking place around the world.

Everyone loves eating food. Foodies all over the world are curious about different food cultures of different countries. In a world where you can have a full English breakfast followed by a French inspired brunch and an Italian dinner with some wine to go with it, food festival has always been an excellent door to exploring local cuisine. The popularity of food festivals has been growing each year and with many new ones getting scheduled every year, a food aficionado can loads to choose from.

The concept of a food festival has become very popular in the past few years. They are no longer elitist events taking place in hotel ballrooms and attended by a handful of people. Food festivals, have become huge public events, which take place at popular and easily accessible venues, and are attended by an enormous number of people. Moreover, most of them are not restricted to their local traditional food, but aim to make a global appeal. Here are some of the most famous food festivals taking place around the world.

List Of Six Famous Food Festival Around The World:

La Tomatina, Spain

This Spanish festival celebrates the humble red tomato with the biggest food fight on the planet (pictured above). Held in the town of Buñol, this insane party starts with a rush to climb a ham-topped greasy pole. Once the ham is grabbed, several truckloads of tomatoes drive into the city and the crowd goes wild throwing them at each other and creating a massive mess of marinara.

Maine Lobster Festival, Rockland, United States

One of the biggest sea food focused festivals in the world, Maine Lobster festivals sight to behold for the entire sea food enthusiasts in the world. The festival that has big parade, great cooking and entertainment requires over a 1000 volunteers who help put together this lobster gala. The main attraction, apart from US Navy ship tours, crate race the thousands of lobsters cooked with many different methods is the giant 20,000 pound lobster cooker that takes part on the last day. Maine lobster fest is blessed with a coastline as good as the Maine coastline and has been going on for the past 60 years. Winning the big cooking contest is another thing of pride that chefs coming to the festival look out for. On the entertainment side, David Cassidy is set to play on the final day of this year’s festival.

Gilroy Garlic Festival, United States

One of the biggest food festivals in the United States, this pungent party in Gilroy, California celebrates the mighty aromatic known as garlic. Discover garlic cooking demonstrations, garlic braiding classes and a spectacular array of garlic-infused food, including garlic ice cream, garlic pop corn and garlic mussels.

Galway Oyster Festival, Ireland

Easily the most famous food festival of Ireland and also the oldest oyster festival in the world, Galway Oyster festival is known for vast platters of shellfish, pints of the famous Guiness beer and great live music. Started in September 1954 by Brian Collins, the festival includes beer as well as Oyster tasting which offers some great varieties of oyster. World Oyster Opening Championships and the ‘Elegant Lady’ competition are the highlights of the festival. Some of the guests that attended it last year were Richard Corrigan, Martin Shanahan and current President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

Truffle Festival: Alba, Italy

Galway Oyster Festival Ireland

Galway Oyster Festival Ireland

Located in a small town of Piedmont, the truffle festival is one of those rare ‘invitation only’ type festivals which have few of the top chefs in the world flying in to attend every year. The Alba truffe fest celebrates the famous ‘tartufo bianco’ truffles. There is a local truffle market that opens to these selective chefs. Truffles that are sold here are as expensive as $2000 a kilo. Most of the chefs and people that are invited try the local cuisine and put the truffle in it to enhance the dish whilst also trying the various delicacies that are offered. The festival is in its 83rd year and this year it promises to be bigger than ever.

International Mango Festival, India

This annual festival is a celebration of everything pertaining to mangoes. It features the different varieties of mango and the various food items that are made from it, like pickle, jam, pulp, jelly, and so on. The festival also holds a number of special events such as mango-eating competitions, mango-tasting event, quiz competitions, and plenty of traditional and folk performances. There is a huge mango market from where, visitors can buy the mangoes of their choice.