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Check out the Australian cuisines introduce one to a wide variety of interesting and delectable food items.

Australia is a land that has a multitude of cuisines to provide to those people who are complete foodies at heart! The cuisine finds its base within the traditional type of British cooking. Much of the island’s meals are a cultural mix of Asian, African, Thai and indigenous Aboriginal tastes, running the gamut from simple to exotic. Australia is becoming famous within the culinary world for its ‘fusion’ food: because the 1970s Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese Japanese and Indian immigrants in particular have experienced a big effect on Australian cuisine. As well as Asian, you will also manage to find Spanish, Balkan, Hungarian, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants. Browse the listed australian traditional foods cuisines and recipes mentioned below:

Traditional Foods of Australia:


This jarred, briny paste is really a food that “all children are brought up eating from infancy,” based on Every Culture. Composed of yeast, salt and minerals, the black concoction is a popular sandwich spread with a distinctive flavor. Manufactured by Kraft Foods, Vegemite is difficult to find in the remainder of the world, save for specialty merchants. Food writer Linda Stradley says, “Australians are known to travel all over the world with at least one small jar of Vegemite within their luggage, for fear that they may not be able to think it is.” This is really among delicious australian traditional food.

Chiko Roll

The chiko roll was introduced by Frank McEnroe. This food item was first inspired from the Chinese egg roll. Chiko roll is really a thick roll that contains ingredients such as celery, barley, cabbage, beef, corn, carrot, onion, and spices for taste, rolled up in a tube of flour, egg, and dough. This deep-fried roll was initially referred to as chinco roll, but was later changed to the current, politically correct name. Chiko rolls became well-known with time and from a small unit, Frank McEnroe continued to a larger factory.


Famous Traditional Food of Australia

Chicko roll

Taste and feel the traditional cultural food of australia. An Australian dessert favorite, pavlova is named following the famous ballet diva Anna Pavlova. This easy sweet dish is a layered mix of fruit, whipped cream and meringue, and a summertime mainstay. Created in the early twentieth century, both Australia and Nz contend for your title of birthplace. “While it really has been suggested this dessert was developed in Nz, it has also become accepted as a popular Australian dish. Both countries state they have invented this dessert and claim it as their national dish,” Stradley writes.

Chiko Roll

It is most popular traditional food cuisine of australia. The chiko roll was invented by Frank McEnroe. This food item was initially inspired by the Chinese egg roll. Chiko roll is a thick roll which contains ingredients like celery, barley, cabbage, beef, corn, carrot, onion, and spices for taste, rolled up inside a tube of flour, egg, and dough. This deep-fried roll was first known as chinco roll, but was later changed to the present, politically correct name. Chiko rolls became well known as time passes and from the small unit, Frank McEnroe went on to some larger factory.

Meat Pie

Aussie meat pie is a cultural fast food that’s a meal inside a handful. The person pies are filled with ground chuck along with a tomato-based onion gravy. For variety, optional additions towards the recipe include items like cheddar cheese and bacon; there are also vegetarian-friendly recipes. This English transplant is now becoming an international favorite, with several meat pie shops now open in america.


This is a traditional bread from Australia that is made without using yeast. A perfect camping food item, the traditional method of baking damper is to use the coals of the campfire. The fundamental ingredients used are flour, water, and, occasionally, milk. In olden days, the stockmen traveled for long amounts of time with only basic provisions like flour and sugar. Ashes from the camp fire were used to prepare the damper. Earlier, the damper was eaten with meat, either cooked or dry. Today, it is baked with nuts to add taste and is eaten with butter or even jam. This traditioal food recipe is the most famous around the australia.


Lamingtons are “delicious cubes of sponge cake having a chocolate coating and rolled in dessicated coconut, usually served with whipped cream and the afternoon tea,” according to Australia Trip Guide. These small desserts are simple to make in your own home using leftovers. Australian chef Benjamin Christie writes, “essentially consumed left-over sponge cake, that was a common item at morning and afternoon teas for your non-working mums and on weekends back in the early 1900s.” Other variations include sandwiching fresh fruit jam between bits of cake and flavoring the whipped cream with extracts.