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the amazing architecture and history of the famous landmarks in France.

France is one of the largest countries in Europe. France is popularly for tourist destination all around the world. There are many reasons why so many people around the world enjoy visiting this diverse country. The amazing climate, natural beauty, art museums, galleries and outdoor activities such as golf and lots more. France is well-known for its wines and cuisine because French people love their food as well as love to cook. By contacting any of the France Visa Agencies, you can easily get a French Visa.

Paris, you can’t talk about France unless you first talk about Paris, the capital city of the country. In the entire world, Paris is one of the most majestic capital cities. Paris exemplifies wealth as well as design and you will also find endless cultural attractions.

most famous landmarks in france

most famous landmarks in france

Famous french monuments

Eiffel Tower

Who does not know Eiffel Tower, I think all people around the world ever hear about this famous monument. It is the most remarkable monument in France and one the most famous monuments in Europe even in the world. The location of this tower is very strategic; it is located in the heart city of Paris. As your information, more than 200 million people have visited this famous tower since it was built. With the height 320 meters, it becomes the tallest structure in Paris. On the top of the tower, the visitors can see beautiful view of Paris city.

Louvre Museum

The former royal palace of French Kings, the Louvre has one of the most wealthiest European collections of fine arts, thanks to the generous contributions of the kings who lived in it. It’s impossible to see it all in a day or even in a week. In order to have the most rewarding experience, focus on a shortlist of key masterpieces such as the 1st-century-BC Aphrodite (also called “Venus de Milo”) sculpture, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, the Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese, and the Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David.

Palace of Versaille

The Palace of Versaille about a half-hour drive outside of Paris housed Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI during the 1700s; it was the center of ruling power until 1789. Encompassing nearly 2,000 acres, the grounds include meticulously landscaped gardens designed over a 40 year span. Walk through the main palace’s Hall of Mirrors with its many chandeliers; it features ceilings hand-painted with images depicting the royal family’s history.


The Pantheon is a neo classical building located in Paris. With the length about 110 meters and 85 meters wide, this building was built in 1757-1791 by an architect named Jacques-Germain Soufflot. The location of this Parthenon is very strategic; it is located on a hill, so the visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the city from here. This Panthéon is opened daily except 1 January, 1 Mei and 25 December from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm. With the cheap admission about 8 Euros, it is a must visited building for the tourists who visit Paris.

notre dame de

notre dame de

Notre-Dame de

Located on the splendid Ile-de-la-Cité, Notre-Dame de Paris is the most visited landmark in France for a reason. With its magnificent stained-glass windows, this 70-meter high Catholic cathedral is considered to be a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture and one of the greatest monuments of the Middle Ages. The perfection was not easy to reach since it took almost 200 years to construct it.

Opéra Garnier

The opulent Paris Opera house was built from 1861 to 1875 by Charles Garnier during the reign of Napoleon III. It is part of the great reconstruction of Paris by Baron Haussmann during the Second Empire. The auditorium seats nearly 2,000 people and features the grand chandelier and a fine ceiling painting by Marc Chagall.