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Experience the amazing greece island life of Santorini with beautiful attractions & Sightseeing in Santorini Island like Volcano Hot springs, Caldera, Akrotiri Tours.

Santorini Island known as Thira is one of the most well known images of the Greek Islands. It’s a dream destination for many merely because of its unbeatable beauty, but there are also many things you can do here. Santorini is the kind of the place where it’s very easy to simply be swept away by its charm, and that’s a good thing!A violent volcanic eruption in 1625 BC destroyed the community, but left behind the dramatic landscapes the island is now famous for. The coast is lined with black sand beaches, scarred hills and steep cliffs. Inland, plant life flourishes in the soil that was enriched by the lava. But there is more to Santorini than natural beauty. Tourists can also explore the island’s cultural offerings at vineyards, archaeological museums and ruins. Santorini is a picture-perfect island off the coast of Greece, with plenty to see and do. So take a look on listed points-

Yposkafo – Stay in a cave house

Santorini Greece Island tourist attractions

Santorini Greece Island Attractions

These little ‘cave houses’ were once built for the poorer people in Santorini, but they’ve now become extremely popular as accommodation. Many locals have cottoned on to this fact and have renovated their ‘yposkafo’ to make it a luxurious form of accommodation for visitors. For a typical Sanotrini experience, book yourself into one of these.

The village of Pyrgos

Traditional village of Santorini inland which was the capital city of the island up to 1800 B.C. The medieval element is prominent here as there are narrow streets with arches. You can feel the Venetian influence here since Pyrgos used to be one of 5 castle cities established by the Venetians.

Oia Castle – Enjoy the sunset destinations

Although the sunset at the Oia Castle is the most famous on the island, it is surely not the only one –and not necessarily always the best! You can admire a spectacular sunset at Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli (we recommend seeing it from Skaros in Imerovigli)! In order to get a different angle of the sunset having the whole of Santorini in the frame, you should go to Faros in Akrotiri, where you will be almost alone. Another option is to choose Profitis Ilias (Pyrgos), one of the highest spots of the island, or Vlihada beach, where you will be fascinated with the volcanic scenery changing colour nuances as the sun sets.

Go to Ammoudi for eating

Among my most favourite moments on the island: walking along the dust road to reach the small beach with the cliffs, diving into the deep waters and swimming below the caldera, above the sea bottom chaos (here there are no sunbathing comforts etc). Then going to the taverna with the yellowish colours on the walls for fish and sea dishes and waiting for the sunset. The sun vanishes behind Thirasia and from this spot you have the sunset with the longest duration!

Local cuisine with Santorini products

Looking at the volcano, escaping in the caldera. So what? What is the importance of all this if you cannot feel it deeply inside yourself? And how is it possible to feel the power of this land, unless you sense its aromas through the products of its earth, cooked by a chef who really loves it? And, of course, by accompanying them with a bottle of ‘Santorini’, the assyrtiko wine of our island with its metallic acidity and unique features.

Explore Akrotiri

Akrotiri is an old settlement of the island that was destroyed thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruption where it was covered in ash. It was ‘rediscovered’ in the 1960s where it was found to be well preserved over the years and a perfect site for archeologists. After being closed to the public for 6 years, it is now open again
Visiting Museums

Visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum is as if plunging into the long and rich history of the island. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera hosts the important findings that were brought into light with the excavations in Akrotiri. Impressive plaster furniture mouldings, bronze pottery items and the unique golden statuette of the wild goat. The Archaeological Museum exhibits collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the Archaic to the Roman Era.

Experience the Santorinian scuba diving

Only scuba diving lovers can really appreciate the unique experience of the underwater world. In Santorini this feeling will be greater, as you get the chance to see the distinctiveness of the bottom of this sea: the volcanic stones and the bottomless depth of the caldera. Take a chance to live this experience!

The Kameni Volcanic Islets with their hot springs

The most popular attractions in Santorini are the Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni islets in the centre of the caldera, approached by excursion boats so that tourists can climb up the volcanic craters and then bathe in the hot springs.

Enjoy Nightlife of Santorini greek island

Fish is hugely popular in Santorini, and sampling some of the local produce is a must-do. There are some great restaurants with roof terraces offering a stunning vantage point to see the sunsets whilst you enjoy a traditional meal. The capital, Fira, is a hustling nightspot, with plenty of bars and clubs open til the early hours.