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The Carnival season is a celebration of joy, entertainment and camaraderie. The 2015 Rio Carnival festival is set to take place on february 13 to 18, 2015 in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro, brazil.

With all the excitement surrounding Rio, the Sambadrome during Rio Carnival 2015 will play host the biggest party on the planet!Of all the carnival celebrations throughout the world, the 2015 Rio Carnival is, without a doubt, the real deal. This is the time when Cariocas are at their best, and why would you expect anything less with the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro considered the Carnival Capital of the World. Although Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is celebrated in towns and villages throughout Brazil and other Catholic countries, Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival capital of the world. The Rio Carnaval is not only the biggest Carnival, it is also a benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and one of the most interesting artistic events on the globe. Almost everyone has heard of Rio Carnaval. Foreign visitors to it alone number around 500,000 every year.

History of Carnival

During Rio Carnival 2016 the Samba schools will use the most modern technology possible to create jaw dropping show parades. Back in 1641 when the precursor to the modern Carnival was celebrated it consisted of a few elegant balls and masquerade dances. These balls were held to mirror the upper class festivals taking place in Paris and other major European cities.

When the Portuguese immigrants began to settle in Rio they brought with them their love of rough play, pelting friends and family with food, water and mud into the celebrations of the Carnival. Over the years the street fights became sophisticated parades filled with the aristocracy walking through the neighborhoods dressed in elegant and expensive costumes. With the rise in popularity of the polka and waltz, balls and dances returned to the Carnival. By the 1890s the parades were becoming much more organized with military bands and elaborate floats. Cordoes (neighborhood folks) started to get together to plan their parades. These Cordoes are the forerunners of the Blocos who will be planning the street parties for Rio Carnival 2016.

Rio Carnival Street Parties and Bands

Rio Carnival Street Parties and Bands

From the sexy beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to Rio Carnival and the steamy Rio de Janeiro nightlife, the energy emanated by the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro is nothing short of electrifying. Even more exhilarating are the deliciously bronzed and toned samba dancers, the pulsating samba music, the frantic applause of the spectators, and of course, partying at Rio Carnival 2015. Rio Carnival is held every year in the week leading up to Lent and attracts visitors from all across the globe looking to let loose and explore the Carioca Carnival culture. It is inconceivable to think of Rio de Janeiro without thinking of Rio Carnival. Anticipation builds and the excitement grows as the Carnival time gets closer and closer. Bar none, Rio Carnival is the favorite holiday celebration in Rio. The city glows with the smiles and energy of the locals — or Cariocas. Samba music can be heard coming from neighborhoods and favelas all throughout the city and crowds gather to dance and make merry all day and night. It is the inherent spirit of the Cariocas and their true joie de vive that makes Rio Carnival such a glorious success year after year.

2015 Carnival event dates
The Rio Carnival 2015 starts on the 13th of February and go on until the 17th. These dates change every year, it is usually in February and sometimes in March. The Carnival officially lasts four days starting on Saturday and finishing on Tuesday.

Rio Carnival 2015 Events

Samba Parades
Carnival Balls
Magic Ball
Rio Scala Balls
Samba Land
Samba school nights
Street Parties
Street Bands
Sambodromo Rehearsals
Street Rehearsals
Samba City
Merry Marking in Lapa


Sunday the 15th of February:
21h Viradouro
22:05 Mangueira
23:10 Mocidade
00:15 Vila Isabel
01:20 Salgueiro
02:25 Grande Rio

Monday the 16th of February:
21h São Clemente
22:05h Portela
23:10h Beija Flor
00:15h União da Ilha
01:20h Imperatriz
02:25h Unidos da Tijuca

Samba Parade

The Samba Parade in Rio de Janeiro is something everybody should experience at least once in their lives. The event is broadcast live to several countries. Watching on TV is comfortable but not any close to the fun that is being there. Definitely mingle with the crowds and watch the Brazilians and Cariocas (the people of Rio). For the best and full blown experience, you can even march with a samba school. The Rio Samba Parade is very distinct from all other street parades held at some other places in the world. It started as street festivities with groups of people parading through the streets playing music and dancing. The Carnival parades in Rio developed into something special, a competition between the samba schools. The main competition was originally held downtown. Until the mid-80s, bleachers for the spectators were simply assembled and disassembled every year on Av. Presidente Vargas, one of Rio’s major arteries. Then the main parades were moved to the Sambodromo, specially built for this event.

Samba Schools in the Special Group

Two parades – Sunday, February 15nd and Monday, February 16rd . Door opens at 5 PM. First samba school parades at 9 PM with entire show schedule to end at around 4 AM. This is the most important parade and the one that get televised overseas. The twelve magnificent samba schools are divided in two consecutive nights of equal setting. If you can’t afford both nights, nor have the energy for the samba marathon, select the one which best fits your schedule.

The Samba Parade at the Sambodrome

It’s no surprise that the sound of Carnival evokes the colorful parade, giant mechanized floats surrounded by thousands of exuberant swirling dancers and heart-pound drummers. All watched by swarming masses. In fact, the spectacular parade is what made Rio Carnival so famous and the focus of the entire festival in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio carnival 2015 costumes

The costumes’ creativity, originality, an overall ‘good taste’ and their color schemes are evaluated in this category. Judges look at the individual costumes and their overall effect as a whole. Diversity is important just as much as the costumes’ suitability to deliver the idea they stand for. Most costumes are considered in this category including all the commercial wings, the samba dancers, the percussionists and the Whirling Ladies.

The Magic Ball at Copacabana Palace Hotel

This legendary ball is not just the high point of the night but also the most famous Carnival ball; the natural choice for glamour and sophistication. Luxury costume or black tie/evening dress is required, and a number of international and local VIPs are always among the guests. All tickets include buffet dinner and free open bar. There are different tickets for the individual dining rooms. All tickets provide access to all ballrooms. Best value is the standing ticket. Although it has no seat assigned, tables are available in the balcony and other areas close to the buffet.