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New Year, which is also called as ‘Ano Nove' and more popularly as ‘Revillion' in Brazil culture, is celebrated traditionally enjoying light shows, fireworks, parties and exchanging greeting cards.

Each country has its own traditions around the New Year and Brazil is no different. Brazil, the fifth largest country of the world and the largest country of South America, celebrates New Year as its very own, intrinsic, and traditional festival. In Brazil, New Year’s Eve celebration (named Reveillon) is one of the most important dates in the year. It’s the time to reflect upon the past, and make our new resolutions for the coming year. New Year, which is also called as ‘Ano Nove’ and more popularly as ‘Revillion’ in Brazil, is celebrated vastly around the Brazilian customs and traditions. Even after holding a strict adherence to its customs and traditions in the New Year celebrations, the famous Brazilian party culture still finds a major acceptance as a mode of celebration.

New year fireworks in rio

New year fireworks in rio

Greetings, traditions, etiquettes and celebrations

We all know that the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is the most celebrated one in the whole world. Millions of people from several places around the world meet up and experience the majestic fireworks across kilometers of beaches all around Rio de Janeiro’s shores, especially in Copacabana. Members of the gay community are found at the location since Rio is considered one of the most gay-friendly sites in the world. The joy of the New Year’s celebration Rio-style is filled with parties and amazing experiences that will shock you if you have not yet experienced something like that before. However, there are some important aspects of the celebration that tourists might be missing out, what makes this a genuine Brazilian New Year’s style.


The fireworks begin at midnight. Barges set offshore hold the fireworks. The show lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. Not only are there spectators on the sand but large cruise ships gather in the waters to enjoy the show. In 2008, a giant Ferris Wheel was included in the festivities. It was erected at Forte de Copacabana. A digital light show along with scenes of Rio is displayed on the wheel during the fireworks countdown.

Greeting wishes

Good luck can increase if you jump over 7 different waves while making your New Year’s wishes, one for each wave. This will make your wishes possible and your luck better for the coming year. If you have celebrated the New Year’s Eve in Rio out of the beach, you can jump 3 times with your right foot or you can also use a stool and climb down using your right feet first. If you want to increase your luck in love, make sure that the first person you greet when the New Year comes is someone of the opposite sex. Poeple give greeting cards and blessing to childrens.


Traditional costumes on new year

Traditional costumes on new year

Wear white clothing – The most noticeable tradition is that everyone wears white clothing which symbolises peace. You can choose to wear other colours (see list below) but white is the main one.
Wear coloured knickers/panties – One tradition for the girls involves the colour of their knickers/panties. Each colour signifies a different wish so if you are after romance, success, money or good health make sure you choose your colour wisely. A tip for the guys, the thing to focus on here is the colour, not the knickers!

Tradition on Food

Food is everything in New Year’s Eve in Rio. Eating the right kinds of food products will ensure a more prosperous year ahead and it will surely give you tons of appreciation of the culture and the diversity of products that can be found in this place. For the New Year’s Eve in Rio, Lentils are very important staples. This food means health and it is of course something you would want most especially after an expensive trip. Pork and fish are specific food choices since these are foods that move forward.

Sea traditions

All Brazilians celebrate New Year’s Eve wearing white to bring good luck for the next year. Some in the crowd will add a splash of color. Red is for romance, yellow for success and green for health. Do not wear black or you will be doomed throughout the coming year. Many locals will bring flowers to the seashore and toss them into the sea throughout the evening. This is a tribute to Yemanja the goddess of the seas. Some locals go so far as to include beauty sets. These kits include soap, lipstick and powder. Candomble stores actually sell them in light blue and white wooden boats. These little boats are set to sea in thanks for a blessing or a wish granted in the old year.

Balls and Parties

In the major hotels along Copacabana Beach- Copacabana Palace, Excelsior, Le Meridian and the Sofitel Rio Palace- host humongous and exquisite balls. They vary in price to attend, and tickets can be attained from your travel agent.

Remember, the best experience of the New Year’s Eve in Rio will not be complete without these amazing traditions that will make it much more than just partying all night long. Our New Year’s Help Desk is willing to customize a Rio de Janeiro New Year’s package for you and your party as well as giving you some very handy tips on whereabouts, tour activities and New Year’s hangouts and parties.