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China Cultural Tours include tours introducing a China of ancient history and fascinating culture, giving travelers a historical knowledge of China's fabulous contributions to civilization

China is known throughout the world for its rich, unique and diverse culture. Colorful dynastic histories, elegant tea culture, amazing Kung Fu, historical man-made heritages…China has everything.Following the best routes to find out regional culture all in once, our China Culture tours is a superb chance for you to discover the rich cultural heritages of the wonderful country called China.

China Cultural Tours include tours introducing a China of ancient history and fascinating culture, traditions and hospitality, giving travelers a historical perspective and deep knowledge of China’s fabulous contributions to civilization. Having a vast territory, 5000 years history and 56 ethnic groups, China is a treasure house of culture and folklores. Whether you are looking for historic attractions, traditional Chinese arts, fabulous Chinese cuisine or exotic ethnic customs, China Cultural Tours are itineraries designed right for you.This China Culture tour visits a number of the most significant sites of the imperial age and offers the chance to learn various kinds of Chinese cultures for example Calligraphy, Painting, Literary, Language, Chinese Kungfu, Cuisine and Traditional Traditional chinese medicine.

China Historical & Cultural Tours Holidays

Discover Chinese rich history and diverse culture

From the ancient hearts to the Ming and Qing Dynasties town, from historic wonders to cultural activities, our China historical & cultural tours covers the most attractive historic landmarks and sacred attractions in this massive country to offer you the opportunity to discover Chinese rich history and diverse culture.

Beijing & Xian:

Learn dynastic history from China’s ancient heartsBeijing and Xian, the former and the present capitals of China, be proud of their thousand years’ history. With rich cultural heritages and historic wonders, these two cities provide you with the unique chances to understand how the dynasties changed, experience the local lifestyle and dig to the core of Chinese culture.

Pingyao Ancient Town:

Trace to the ancient dynasties Pingyao is famous for the well-preserved culture and archetecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You will discover the traditional culture, life style and economy of China out of this outstanding example of a Han style Chinese town of thousand years ago.

Kung Fu & Panda:

Discover China’s national cultural treasuresIn order to obtain better understanding about the world-famous Chinese national treasures, Kung Fu and Giant Pandas, we provide you chances to understand the authentic Kung Fu in Shaolinsi Temple, Luoyang and get near to lovely pandas in their hometown Chengdu.

China provides a kaleidoscope of culture, none more colorful and thrilling as found in Yunnan. Here you’ll discover the amalgamation of Tibetan, Burmese, Laotian, Indian, Vietnamese, and ethnic Chinese cultures; for all those wanting to find the Old Face of China this province is essential to visit, full of wonderfully charming small towns and villages full of people whose lifestyles have were able to remain unchanged for years and years.

China is such an enormous country and we have only discussed just a few of the many wonderful places and treasures it has to offer. Whatever the reason behind making a visit to China, the journey is certain to be a truly enlightening and unforgettable experience.