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The best place to go on a family safari is South Africa , especially for families with young children. The roads are excellent which means you can rent your own car and thus set your own schedule.

Africa is home to some of the last wild places on earth, and they are simply incomparable – South Africa, the Serengeti, Victoria Falls, Kilimanjaro, Kruger National Park, Botswana, gorillas. These are just a few of the evocative places that become an unforgettable safari. For over 20 years, Bushtracks has been specializing in African travel and flying safaris. Africa is in best blood because we were born and raised there. It means we create authentic safari experiences based on six generations of family in Africa. best company is family-run, and we pride ourselves on crafting personalized safari tours that blend American sensibilities with a deep understanding of Africa.the best award-winning website offers incomparable safari planning tools, and with safari experts and offices in both Africa and the U.S., Bushtracks offers a fully supported concierge service for individuals, couples, small groups of friends, families, multi-generational groups, and prestigious institutions such as National Geographic and the African Wildlife Foundation.

african safari tours with family

african safari tours with family

When the taking into consideration the top African safaris one has to create a decison about specifically what it can be they would like to see and check out. Don’t forget, this is often a major continent with lots of countries as well as a somewhat volatile political landscape.In this post, we’ll highlight a number of the extra favorite African safari trips you could take into consideration such as fauna, flora and landscape attractions.

Traveller’s guide to Family safaris tours

Family safaris guide are tricky. Parents might be happy to wax lyrical about “the wilderness experience”, but more often than not this means long hours in a hot vehicle. “Are we nearly there yet?” is just as hard to answer in the Maasai Mara as on the M25 and a lion slumbering under a bush can’t always compete with the ice cream that’s been promised back at camp.This, together with high prices, is why safaris are not always seen as family holiday destinations fodder. Indeed, some more exclusive camps still maintain a lower age-limit of 12. They may cite safety and, of course, you don’t want your kids becoming too friendly with the local buffalo – but they are also concerned about their other guests. After all, clients who have paid top whack for their exclusive bush retreat could do without tantrums over twiglets, or the unrelenting click-bleep of a Nintendo DS as their vehicle tails a leopard.

Where to Go

Each country in Africa is different. We acknowledge that it is impossible to capture the spirit and culture of an entire country in one paragraph, but below is a brief overview of some popular African safari destinations to get you started. The best and most popular areas in Africa for safaris are East and Southern Africa, which offer vast plains and roaming packs of extraordinary beasts.

Luxury safari holidays in Africa

Luxury safari holidays in Africa are one of life’s most magical experiences. Think spine-tingling wildlife encounters, spellbinding waterfalls and gin and tonics under baobab trees.This heady mix of wildlife, adventure, culture and spectacular scenery could find you partying in Cape Town, taking a helicopter over Victoria Falls, on safari in the Serengeti and snorkelling off the coast of Zanzibar: tailor make your own luxury travel tours and itineraries in Africa around your own wish list.And luxury holidays and safaris in Africa with Exsus, whether you’re after a family safari, a group safari or a luxury honeymoon or more specifically a walking safari or riding safari means you’ll stay in some of the the very best luxury safari lodges with the very best professional guides.

Family African safaris tours

Tanzania Safari tour

Africa because it’s in best blood. In 1959, his famous parents discovered the jaw of a primitive human in Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge, affirming Africa as humanity’s homeland. Africa is a place of ancient traditions, seasonal passages and long family lines. Wildebeest still thunder across the Serengeti, as they have for millennia. Parents and children share stories around starlit campfires as they have done for eons, tales still punctuated by the yips of hyenas and the roar of lions. The call of Africa is the call to come home, where children discover family they didn’t know they had.

African Wildlife Park tour

African Safari Wildlife Park is now CLOSED. Operations will resume February 27, 2015. Dates, hours, shows, exhibits, and rates subject to change without advance notice. Some animals may be exhibited in pens. Keep car doors closed at all times. Do not hang out of your car. Feed only from cup provided and hold bottom of the cup while feeding. No feeding animals from your hands. Outside Food is not permitted. Obey feeding and NO feeding zone signs. Do not pet the animals. Stay in your car. Feed right, Pass left. Stay in your car in case of emergency. Sound your horn and flash your lights.

African Jingo Tours

Jingo Tours & Safaris will handle your family reunion parties or business conferences to your satisfaction by providing you with the most suitable special locations under the wild, East African skies. Whether you choose to say your vows in the wild under the African skies or by the whispering coconut palms on the coast, Jingo Safaris and Travel has got just the romantic packages to make your dreams come true. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your special occasion is done in the most romantic, creative, stylish, unique and authentic way.Your wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it.

African Walking Safari tour

African Walking Safari For the extra energetic, an African walking safari might be the trip of a lifetime and high on the list of the top African safaris. Nicely organized excursions are out there in lots of countries having said that, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana are regarded as four of the top solutions.South Africa has two prime walking safari locations inside the Ngala and Phinda private reserves and are fantastic alternatives. Botswana delivers tremendous selection and is excellent for both fauna and flora lovers though Zimbabwe and Zambia are second to none inside the organizational stakes of a walking safari.