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Travel to Spain. For a Muslim who has some knowledge of Islamic history in the Iberian peninsula of the Mediterranean, a trip to Spain is almost like a pilgrimage

Travel to Spain. For a Muslim who has some knowledge of Islamic history in the Iberian peninsula of the Mediterranean, a trip to Spain is almost like a pilgrimage. However, unlike the pilgrimage to Makkah, this type of visit can be spiritually and emotionally agonizing, for just one is overwhelmed by manifestations of European Islam in Spain (Al-Andalus, because it was then known). Which was the era of the Golden Chronilogical age of Islam, from early 8th century to late 15th century, almost coincidental with Ancient in the rest of Europe, when Al-Andalus was the centre of worldwide civilization.

Islam in Spain

And the capital city of Cordoba was Europe’s largest the city of books, of patrons of great literary figures as well as men who were explorers of data. There existed no separation between science, wisdom, and faith; nor was East separated in the West, nor the Muslim in the Jew or the Christian. It had been here that the European Renaissance began and flourished beyond.  read tourist spots in Spain

A Brief History

Spain’s history continues to be shaped by many nations and powers; The Celts, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Germanic tribes (Visigoths, Vandals) had an impact on the cultural fabric from the Iberian Peninsula, of which Spain is a part. However the peak of Iberian civilisation was reached in the duration of Muslim Sovereignty and authority, between to

A Brief Description from the 5 day tour

  • Meals
  • Transportation in Executive Air-conditioned Coaches
  • Accommodated in fully air-conditioned Rooms
  • Local tour guides for any unique in depth insight
  • Admissions into key Islamic Heritage Sites
  • Admissions into Granada Muslim Legacy Museum
  • Admission into Cordoba Good reputation for Islamic Spain Museum
  • Tour of Ronda with special focus on Islamic Heritage
  • Tour of Granada with special focus on Islamic Heritage
  • One day tour of Cordoba with focus on Islamic Heritage
  • Half day tour of al-Madinah al-Zahra
  • Half day tour from the beautiful al-Hambra Palace


  • Arrive at Malaga Airport you’ll be greeted by your professional tour escort and welcomed to Spain .
  • Board the chief motor coach and visit Ronda (“al-Rundah”). Ronda is one of Andalucia’s loveliest towns, steeped ever. It was the birthplace from the Spanish Muslim poet Ar-Rundi, whose famous lament from the Fall of Seville still wrenches in the heart-strings of many today. It stands on the towering plateau in the mountains of Malaga Province , and it is famous through Spain for that plunging river gorge which divides the medieval in the 18th century parts of the city.
  •  Ronda is located 50 km – 1 hour’s drive – in the Coast. The road ends up through the mountains, after which descends into the Serrania de Ronda and also the town itself. It’s one of the most charming and interesting towns in Andalucia. Ronda stands on the mighty promontory, or outcropping, making it impregnable to the Christian armies before the very last years of the re-conquest. After lunch we go to Cordoba to arrive in the evening were we’ll check into our accommodation. Overnight in Cordoba


  • After Breakfast enjoy an introductory tour of Cordoba (“Qurtubah”), probably the most important centres of Islamic learning and power from 756 to 1085, around the banks of the Guadalquivir (again, from Arabic, Al-wadi Al-k’bir – the big River).
  • The morning features a visit to the greatest monument of Cordoba : the Mezquita or Grand Mosque, dating from 785 and enlarged often to suit the growing population and symbolic need for the centre of Muslim Spain. It’s one of the world’s best known bits of religious architecture.
  •  An enormous forest of countless delicate marble columns and stylish arches, which have been replicated in the mosque from the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Madina, its mihrab is really a dazzling composition of mosaics sent like a gift by the Emperor of Byzantium. After lunch, board the coach and go to the ruins of the 10th century Moorish palace of Medinat Azahara , the so-called ‘City from the Flower’.
  •  When Caliph Abderrahman III was proclaimed caliph, he chose to found a palatial summer home within honour of his wife. Overnight in Cordoba .


  • Take a look at of Hotel and depart for Granada .
  • Get to Granada to attend the Jumma prayer in the recently built mosque. In the afternoon, enjoy an introductory sightseeing tour of Granada (“Gharnatah”), best revealed via a walk in its oldest neighbourhood: The Albaicin.
  • Wander with the Alcaiceria, the site of the old Muslim silk mark et. The objective et, complete with columns and arches, In the Albaicin, history-infused and Moorish-spiced streets trickle up an incline shaped by Carmens, Granadian houses with palms reaching over the walls of the private gardens. Muslim refugees using their company cities in Spain settled because the Muslim empire receded.Overnight in Granada .


  • Today you will visit among the “unofficial” wonders of the world: The Alhambra.
  • Room serves as greater proof of the glory of Andalusia compared to hills of Granada – particularly the proud hill referred to as Alhambra . Before the Muslim defeat in 1492 the Alhambra fortress was their last stronghold. Muslim poets sang of the beloved home like a terrestrial paradise and it’s easy – even centuries later – to know why.
  • Its majestic outward aspect and it is harmonious and serene interior spaces continue to be vibrant with a tremendous presence which talks about the life of those who built it. The Qur’an mentions heaven like a garden with beautiful water springs and unimaginable delights that is what the makers from the al Hambra were trying to replicate in their imaginations eye. Situated in the palace would be the gardens of the Generalife (“al jannat al ‘arif” Your garden of the Knowers) has an variety of exquisite fountains, water courses, its formal gardens filled with roses proliferate their delicate fragrances and provides an incredible impression of peace, tranquillity and harmony. For this reason it still receives 8000 visitors each day and is Spain ’s most visited monument. Lunch at leisure.
  • In the afternoon, explore Granada by yourself and do some last-minute shopping.
  • For anyone who wish, your guides will require you on guided around the Hispanic-Muslim Museum .Dinner at leisure, Overnight in Granada


  • Take a look at of Hotel and depart for Malaga .
  • On the way, you’ll stop in another city for any sightseeing tour.
  • Transfer towards the airport for departing flights.