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Baku ,the most beautiful cities around the world, is located at the meeting-point of Asia and Europe .

Azerbaijan is home to an interesting mixture of European and Islamic Asian cultures. Its long history of rule by various invading empires leaves it with several important and often conflicting cultural legacies. Baku is the center of Azerbaijani culture. It has some of the oldest historic buildings along with the major cultural institutions of the nation. The city is now the place to find 30 museums, 7 theatres, 11 advanced schooling institutions, a philharmonic society, an opera theatre, a movie studio, cinema theaters, and libraries. These institutions bring influence from around the globe to Baku, but they also offer an excellent venue for celebrating Azerbaijan’s own unique culture.

Mosques of Baku


While there is no official state religion in Azerbaijan, most the population is Muslim. As with Iran, the dominant sect is Shia, the greater conservative branch. Within the spirit of tolerance, however, most mosques in Baku serve both Sunni and Shia populations. Azerbaijan is among the more liberal Muslim-majority states, but dating life in Baku is still more conservative than Europe. Since independence, the brand new president, Heydar Aliev, has done lots of work restoring from the synagogues shut down by the Soviets and returning property to Jews. There’s also a relatively new population of evangelicals in Baku, even though it is small. As Baku is constantly on the open up to investment and influence from abroad, it gets a growing number of diverse and tolerant.

Since it has been under the influence of Islam for thus long, Baku is home to a lot of beautiful mosques, such as Ajdarbey Mosque, iby Eybat Mosque, Buzovna Mosque, Haji Sultan Ali Mosque, Iman Husein Mosque,Teze Pir Mosque, and Martyrs Mosque. Even though the Christian population is small, there’s always been an active population in Baku there are some beautiful churches. The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest Christian group in Baku and also the Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral is the largest church.

Nearly all Baku’s Muslims are of the Shia denomination, although a lot of those who report themselves as Muslim are, actually, non-practising. Nevertheless, attendance at mosques is high through the capital city, and Baku has a strong and tightly interwoven religious community. Indeed, Baku’s Islamic community have every reason to become proud of their heritage. A few of the older mosques date back so far as the 11th century, which majestic, ancient buildings are among the main attractions for a lot of of the city’s visitors.

The Mosques of Baku

Baku ,the most beautiful cities around the world, is located at the meeting-point of Asia and Europe . The very name from the capital is interpreted as “wind blow”, “windy city” or “hill”, “city on the hill”. Port city Baku , a cultural, industrial, political capital of Azerbaijan , is situated on the western coast from the Caspian Sea , on the shores of the identical name gulf in southern a part of Absheron Peninsula rich in oil deposits. Baku includes 11 administrative districts, 5 urban settlements.Baku combines aspects of both Arabic and Persian culture right into a colourful hotbed of squares, parks, restaurants, mosques and museums.

There are a variety of religions practised through the inhabitants of Baku, owing mainly to the range of different cultures which have influenced the city through the years. Christianity and Zoroastrianism both have a healthy number of followers, but in a total stake of 93.4% of people of Azerbaijan, Islam is by far probably the most influential faith.

Tourist destinations in Baku

Bibi-Heybat Mosque

Bibi Heybat Mosque Stunning because of its design and size, this post-Soviet era rebuilt host to worship is best viewed during the night, when it is uplit beautifully.

Muhammad Mosque

Muhammad Mosque in Baku built-in the XI century in Icheri Sheher, Baku. The mosque can also be known as Siniggala, for the name of their minaret – Siniggala (“damaged tower”).

Taza Pir Mosque

The Teze Pir Mosque. This mosque was built-in the early 20th century, and funded through the famous philanthropist Nabat khanum Ashurbeily. Combining a marble dome with gold-topped minarets, a pistachio-walled prayer room and fine oriental ornamentation throughout, your building is a true thing of beauty.

In stark contrast for this opulent palace of worship, stands the traditional Lezgi Mosque. One of the city’s oldest, the Lezgi Mosque are available in the Old Town quarter, near the Hotel Baku, where it’s been a corner point of the neighborhood Islamic community since its construction in 1169.Other noteworthy mosques in Baku range from the 19th century Qasim Bey Mosque, the Mosque Juma using its 15th century minaret.