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Bali island is home to most Indonesia's small Hindu minority. Balinese Hinduism tourist attractions in Bali is its numerous Hindu Temples

Bali is found in the western most part from the Lesser Sunda Islands, situated between Java towards the west and Lombok to the east. The area has a vast majority of Hindus, though it is really a small minority when seen in relation to Indonesia. This place is known for its exotic beaches, fascinating attractions, lip-smacking culinary, highly intricate handicrafts, paintings, leather-work, etc. This exotic locale attracts countless tourists from all over the world rather than fails to mesmerize them. Check out the scintillating places to determine in Bali and enjoy your vacation to the hilt.

Hindu Temple

The Balinese are one of the 250 ethnic groups within the Indonesian archipelago. Most of them (95%) are Hindus, a religion which originated from India, passing through Sumatera and Java. Following the fall of Majapahit empire all of the Hindu aristocrats and the common people fled to Bali, taking along their religion, traditions, literature and humanities.

The best part of the tourist attractions in Bali is its numerous Hindu Temples.

Pulaki, Temple with Spectacular Views in North Bali
The Temple is found in the Banyu Poh Village, Grokgak Sub District, around the western part of the Buleleng Regency, and is nestled on the foot hill exactly while watching coast. It is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali located in the coastal side west a part of Singaraja town or 1 hour drive towards the west from the town. Throughout the rainy season, the dry brown hills that back the temple turn sparkling green. The architecture is covered with black and white stone as if certain parts of the temple are the hills themeselves being carved. Pulaki temple includes a spectacular view to be enjoyed. Glamorous blue sea and also the green hills will tempt your vision.

Uluwatu, Temple in Tip of Coral Reef
Uluwatu Temple is really a Hindu temple set on the cliff bank in south a part of Bali Peninsula. It is one of Sad Kahyangan Temple in Bali (six big categories of Bali Temples), located in Pecatu Village, sub district of South Kuta, and Badung Regency or about 25 km southerly a part of Denpasar town. It is situated on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters over the sea level. Name of Uluwatu was range from word Ulu meaning the head and Watu meaning stone. Therefore Uluwatu Temple mean the temple built-in tip of coral reef.

Rambut Siwi Temple, the largest Temple in West Bali
The Rambut Siwi Temple is among the biggest of all the Hindu temples in Bali, situated in Yeh Embang Kangin, Mendoyo Sub District, Jembrana Regency in the west of Bali. It’s about 2 hours drives from Denpasar visit the west part of Bali or Half an hour drive from Negara. It is simple method to reach this temple from Denpasar and merely follow the main road to Gilimanuk. Rambut Siwi Temple may be the location of many ceremonies and activities within the Balinese Hindu calendar.

Besakih, the Mother Temple in Bali

Besakih temple can also be worth to visit as a spiritual trip over the biggest mountain, Mount Agung. This is actually the biggest temple in Bali that is worshipped by all the Hindus on this island.Mom Temple of Besakih, in the village of Besakih around the slopes of Mount Agung in eastern Bali, is an essential temple of Balinese people, Indonesia, and something of a series of Balinese temples. The temple probably dates towards the fourteenth century. It was built around the south slopes of Mount Agung, the main volcano of Bali.

Tanah Lot

The place to find the best sunset on the island, Tanah Lot may be the Bali of your dreams. Located in regards to a one hour’s drive from Denpasar, Tanah Lot is really a sacred Hindu temple located on a rocky tidal islet in the base of a towering limestone cliff. Visitors can pick to brave the ocean’s waves and wade to the temple, although at times of day and year this might prove highly dangerous. A rogue swell could easily knock you over and drag you over the rocks… but most make it to the temple unscathed. A far more relaxing way to enjoy Tanah Lot would be to order a Bintang (Indonesian beer) along with a plate of Nasi Goreng at the cheap (~2,000 to 10,000 Rupiah) and half-decent eatery overlooking the temple, watching the sun sink into the sea behind. It’s truly remarkable, as well as an experience only to be been on Bali. The area is also well-liked by surfers, but beginner rides should stay away: the waves are big, the shoreline is rocky and assistance is far off. You will also find a marketplace filled with souvenirs and knick-knacks near the temple. The fire-roasted corn is worth purchase; the rest is the usual forgettable assortment of knock-off clothing and cheap woodcarvings.