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The celebration of Christmas in France varies by region. Most provinces celebrate Christmas about the 25th of December, that is a bank holiday.

In France, Christmas is really a time to see relatives and for generosity, marked by family reunions, gifts and candy for kids, gifts for that poor, Midnight Mass, and le Reveillon.
The celebration of Christmas in France varies by region. Most provinces celebrate Christmas about the 25th of December, that is a bank holiday. However, in eastern and northern France, the Christmas season begins on 6 December, Saint Nicolas, as well as in some provinces is certainly the most important holidays from the Christmas season. In Lyon, 8 December is la Fete de lumi’res, when Lyonnais pay hommage towards the virgin Mary by putting candles within their windows to illuminate the city. Epiphany (la fete des Rois) is generally celebrated the 6th of January, however in some places in France it’s celebrated the very first Sunday after January 1st.

French Christmas Traditions –

French children take their shoes while watching fireplace, hoping that Pare Noel (aka Papa Noel) will fill all of them with gifts. Candy, fruit, nuts, and small toys may also be hung about the tree overnight. In certain regions additionally, there are Pre Fouettard who provides spankings to bad children (kind of the equivalent of Father Christmas giving coal towards the naughty).

In 1962, a law was passed decreeing that letters written to Santa would taken care of immediately with a postcard. Whenever a class writes instructions, each student receives a response.

Le Riveillon

Although dwindling French attend la Messe de Minuit on Christmas Eve, it’s still an important part of Christmas for many families. It’s followed by an enormous feast, called le Reveillon (in the verb reveille, to awaken or revive). Le Reveillon is really a symbolic awakening towards the meaning of Christ’s birth and it is the culinary high point of year, which may be enjoyed both at home and in a restaurant or cafe that’s open through the night. Each region in France features its own traditional Christmas menu, with dishes like turkey, capon, goose, chicken, and boud in blanc (much like white pudding).

Through the French Christmas season, you will find special traditional desserts:

La bache de Noel (Yule log) – A log-shaped cake made from chocolate and chestnuts. Associated with the special wood log burned from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day within the Paregoric, the industry holdover from a pagan Gaul celebration.

Le pain calendeau (in southern France) – Christmas loaf, a part of which is provided to a poor person.

La Galette des Rois (on Epiphany) – round cake that is cut into pieces and written by a child, referred to as le petit roi or l’enfant soleil, hiding underneath the table. Whoever finds la five – the charm hidden inside – rules or Queen and may choose a partner.

French Holiday decorations

The sapin de Noel may be the main decoration in homes, streets, shops, offices, and factories. The sapin de Noel appeared in Alsace within the 14th century, decorated with apples, paper flowers, and ribbons, and has been around since France in 1837.

Another essential aspect of French Christmas celebrations may be the creche full of santons, which is displayed in churches and several homes. Living creches as plays and puppet shows in line with the Nativity are commonly performed to show the important ideas of Christianity and also the Christmas celebration.

Mistletoe is hung over the door throughout the Christmas season to create good fortune throughout every season.

Christmas markets in France

France celebrates Christmas with full zeal. Shopping in the Christmas markets in France is definitely an amazing experience, with shops and stalls decorated with Christmas goodies, gifts and diacor items. You’ll find handcrafted items and latest goods along with traditional dí©cor things like, Santa Claus, wreaths and bells. The best placesa to buy during Christmas are:

Strasbourg Christmas Market, Christmas Market in Lyon Christmas Market in Colmar Nantes Christmas Market Christmas Market in Avignon Saverne Christmas Market Christmas Market in Amiens Arras Christmas Market.

Top Christmas restaurants

Christmas parties in France are thrilling. You’ll love to dine at these restaurants, which pampers the finest in the Christmas season. The area Cafi les Saisons Le Lup Au Zaganin Le Brigadier Bio Sphere Cafi Restaurant Les Etoiles.

Top Christmas Recipes

Meals are an important part from the Christmas celebrations in France. You’ll love to savor a few of the mouthwatering delicacies throughout the festival. Baba Au Rhum Fougasse Bread Hazelnut and Chocolate brownies Provence style Tomatoes Pain d’Epices Recipes Honey Lacquered Duck Breast La Buche de Noel.

Top Christmas holidaymaker destinations

If you have chose to spend your holidays in the united states and enjoy its Christmas celebrations, you surely be interested in the best spot. The festival is well known with great enthusiasm from coast to coast. You can though, visit a few of the holiday  destinations which are known for its Christmas celebrations. Such Christmas holiday locations in France include: Paris, Strasbourge, Aix-en-Provence