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Dallas has plenty of landmarks to offer keen sightseers. Some highlights include the Reunion Tower, the John F. Kennedy Memorial, several buildings in the Arts District and Fair Park outside of the city.

A landmark is defined as a conspicuous object on land that marks a locality or a structure with historical significance that has been preserved for generations. It is what makes a town, a city or a country unique and interesting.

Dallas is packed with major historical sights, landmarks, monuments and architectural wonders, making it one of the most exciting and interesting cities to visit in the USA. Whether you are looking for contemporary buildings or well-preserved, authentic structures that will take you back in time, Dallas has plenty of landmarks to offer keen sightseers. Below is a list of Dallas Landmarks That You Shouldn’t Miss when exploring the city.

The Best Dallas Landmarks:

Dallas Landmarks and Monuments

Dallas Landmarks and Monuments

Bank of America Tower

The famous Bank of America Tower was finally completed in 1985 and remains the tallest building in the city, measuring over 275 meters / 900 feet, with 72 stories. This instantly recognizable Dallas landmark is an important part of the city’s skyline and can be seen for miles at nighttime, when the stunning skyscraper is illuminated and outlined by glowing green argon tubing. Built as an office block, the Dallas Bank of America Tower features reflective glass and modern architecture.

Fountain Place

A 60-story late-modernist skyscraper, the Fountain Place is an interesting building in the Arts District. It is designed as a large, multi-faceted prism with an array of 172 dancing fountains in the plaza at its base.

Dallas City Hall

This unique, dominating building was designed by renowned architect IM Pei. The surrounding public area features a sculpture by Henry Moore and an interesting water feature.

Wilson Building

These beautiful sets of buildings, based on the Paris’ Grand Opera House, were constructed in the 1920s in order to provide office and retail space for the booming city. The buildings have been renovated and are now used for mainly residential purposes.

Old Red Courthouse

One of the city’s most famous landmarks in downtown Dallas is the Old Red Courthouse which was built in 1892 from red sandstone. This Romanesque-styled courthouse is an impressive castle-like landmark that has been carefully restored and is now used as a museum and visitors reference center. It is also rumored to be haunted.

Old Red Courthouse

Old Red Courthouse

Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is a large arts district which is comprised of museums, performance halls, corporate offices, residences, churches and more. Spanning 68 acres and 19 contiguous blocks, the district is a popular tourist destination, perfect for spending a day of sightseeing and appreciation of art in a modern setting.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial

This historic monument, commemorating the popular US President that was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, is located in downtown Dallas next to Main and Market streets, meters from where JFK was shot. It is a rather simple square structure with a 50 square foot enclosure that contains a simple slap inscribed with his initials and designed to evoke contemplation.