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Travel to Chicago is complete without visiting its fine museums.

First in your list should be the Field Museum of Natural History, found at Museum Campus just south of Grant Park. The area Museum features “Sue”, the world’s largest, most satisfactory, and best-preserved T-Rex. Museum Campus can also be the site for the Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium. Also in your list of “must-sees” is Chicago’s south-side Museum of Science and Industry, the oldest science museum available in the Western Hemisphere and one of the very most visited museums in the world. As well as on Michigan Avenue, where Adams Street ends, may be the Art Institute with its famous lions adorning the leading entrance.

In addition to the major, well-know ones, there are a variety of smaller but excellent choices available. Browse the Chicago Historical Society to discover the city’s founding and important events in the history. Visit the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center that is dedicated to celebrating Greek history and culture in Chicago.

Chicago is a city rich in ethnic diversity, further evidenced by its museums. We’ve the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, the DuSable Museum of African-American History, the Spertus Museum of Judaica, the Oriental Institute Museum and also the Swedish American Museum Center, simply to name a few.

Don’t miss the famous Museum of Science and Industry. This really is housed in a building which was originally built as the Palace of proper Arts for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and is now probably the most renowned museums in the city. Its special exhibits, including Body Worlds and Leonardo Da Vinci, along with the upcoming CSI: The Experience, are in great demand, drawing locals in addition to tourists from across the nation. The Museum of Science and Market is also home to the famous Omnimax Theater; this theater uses IMAX technology on the dome-shaped screen, giving the audience a really unique experience.

If you plan to go to a number of museums during your remain in Chicago, you may want to purchase a Go Chicago Card. This card includes admittance to some of Chicago’s most popular attractions for just one low price.

John Shedd Aquarium Chicago

Travel to Chicago Museum in This Summer

Museums in Chicago

Chicago’s Museum Campus is a somewhat recent addition to the city’s lakefront. In 1996, the northbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive were moved so the three museums in the area, the Shedd Aquarium, the area Museum and the Adler Planetarium, were no longer separated with a median and were brought onto one campus and accompanied by a lush green field having a view of the lake.

Chicago’s Museum Campus was made after a reconfiguration of Lake Shore Drive in 1998 — previously, lanes ran with the middle of the area, dividing up and creating some tricky navigation in the parking lots to the museums.

The Museum Campus can be quite family-friendly. Children are the focus of many exhibits in most three museums; they learn new and exciting things and revel in activities and exhibits aimed at them. Take in the museums, picnic around the rolling green and take pictures through the lake; Museum Campus provides the total package. Included in this area are:

The Shedd Aquarium is very an experience for adults and children alike; visit a Komodo Dragon, visit the Wild Reef’s several types of sharks, discover the fish that live within the Amazon and catch an active dolphin show. The museum has aquariums along almost every available surface, including an enormous tank in the center of the building which is sometimes called the Caribbean Reef and features a diver who feeds the wildlife within, while answering the questions you have, several times daily.

The Field Museum is Chicago’s Natural History Museum. The Museum hosts Sue, the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Sue is astonishingly huge and gives life the glory from the Jurassic era. Another incredible part of the Museum is the assortment of stuffed creatures; in several exhibits you can observe actual animals that have been preserved. Looking at real fangs or curved claws or bristly fur and understanding that these are real is an experience unlike every other. Finally, explore the cultures of individuals around the world; discover Ancient Egypt, Tibet, Africa as well as the Arctic.

The Adler Planetarium takes you on the voyage around the universe. Discover Black Holes, explore the Milky Means by 3-D, learn about our Solar System and experience CyberSpace, a number of hands-on exhibits that solve a few of the mysteries of the night sky. Take a look at VisionStations that provide realistic immersions into areas of the Universe. Take in a show in the StarRider theater, a virtual reality exhibit that provides you the feeling of being in space!

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Discount Passes

There’s a couple of discount passes you might obtain which can be very beneficial if you are planning to see more than one of the following attractions: Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science & Industry and Hancock Observatory.

A tight schedule Chicago Card includes not only the Museum Campus area attractions but additionally several other popular Chicago attractions and could be purchased for either a short-term use or a longer stay. Find more details about the Go Chicago Card.

The Chicago CityPass provides you with admission to all six attractions and it is valid for nine days from first use. On top of that, you save 50% off admission prices by collecting this discount pass! Find more details about the Chicago CityPass.

There’s also more specific options which are exclusively available on Chicago Traveler like the Museum Campus Pass which will give you a 20% discount, the Family FunPass which will give you a 26% discount, or the Pass towards the City that will give you a 34% discount!