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Sedona is one of Arizona's most popular spiritual destinations. Its world-renowned sandstone cathedrals glow by having an energized red hue and contrast with abundant vegetation.

Spiritual Sedona, Arizona, long identified by Native Americans as a sacred landscape, is a place of pilgrimage and transformation for seekers all over the world. Come to Mother Nature’s red-rock temples to see their life-transforming, soul-nourishing work in person. Sedona is an ideal place for spiritual and personal enrichment from the body and the soul. From healing massage treatments, yoga, spas and salons to hypnotherapy and retreats, surely Sedona has something to provide.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, Sedona, or visited here yourself, you’ll know why people seek spiritual Sedona experiences here. The brilliant vortex energy amplifies everything-synchroncities occur more often, psychic abilities open, individuals are drawn to what they need, transformation happens.

Sacred Places of Sedona

Chapel from the Holy Cross: Standing at the top of a hill, a beacon to people of all faiths, the Chapel from the Holy Cross is a Sedona icon. The weird architecture of this shrine built into the red rocks draws visitors from around the world.

Buddhist Amitabha Stupa:An inspiration for spiritual development and something of Sedona’s most peaceful venues for prayer and meditation. Open every single day dawn to dusk, free. Corner of Andante Rd and Pueblo Drive, West Sedona.

Sacred Places of Sedona

Sacred Places of Sedona

Medicine Wheel: The medication wheel is a tool utilized by the Indigenous cultures from the Plains to discover our devote life and the connection that exists between everything. It consists of a equidistant cross inside a circle. medicine wheelThe cross represents our look for balance and the circle represents the city of ever flowing energies of life constantly at the office in our life. It shares that people find healing as we integrate every aspect of ourselves into wholeness.

Sedona Labyrinth: A Sedona meditation masterpiece that provides one the opportunity to explore their inner self and also to contemplate the mysteries of life, here and beyond. A Sedona secret you will want to share. There is one road to the center with left and right turns to stimulate each side of the brain, thus allowing the seeker to achieve a balanced state. As you walk the labyrinth you’re searching within yourself for that place of Oneness where all your answers are kept. As you walk out you are walking your answers out in to the world, creating wisdom. A great tool for personal healing and reflection.

Sedona Arizona is a beautiful place with luscious resorts and lovely landscapes. The very beauty of the land provides a spiritual calming. This is the perfect spot to visit for a spiritual and relaxing vacation.