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Lotus Temple Travel (Baha'i Temple) referred to as one of the most beautiful architectural temples in India.

Inside a world where conflict between religions unfortunately still occurs, the Lotus Temple welcomes those all faiths to come and worship here. By doing this, it shows the oneness of religions ; the common goals of affection, tolerance and personal development and goodness. Occur white marble among pleasant gardens, the Baha’i Temple is near Nehru devote south New Delhi.

The temple represents the Baha`i faith, that is broad in its outlook, scientific within the influence it exerts around the hearts and minds of men. It signifies the purity and also the universality of the lord and equality of religions.The Baha’i House of Worship is devoted to the oneness of all religions and mankind. Its doors are available to people of all faiths, races and cultural backgrounds. Subsidiary buildings that afford relief towards the suffering, sustenance to the poor, shelter towards the traveler, solace to the deprived and education towards the ignorant will abound throughout the house of Worship.

There are no clergymen within the Baha’i Faith and its service includes prayers and readings of selections from Baha’i scriptures.The Baha`i religion is definitely an independent one and not a sect associated with a other religion’s manifestion. Visited by over 4 million people, annually, this gleaming lotus-like marble structure is situated on Bahapur Hills and it is the seventh and many recent Baha’i houses of worship on the world. The temple is a must visit for each tourist who comes to Delhi.

Bahá'í Temple (Lotus Temple)

Bahai Temple (Lotus Temple)

The fragile architecture of the Lotus Temple is made in two layers. The first layer contains nine white marble-covered petals rising towards heaven, as the second layer of nine petals serves to hide the portals. The fabulous structure built-in total white is a fantastic sight to behold. The inside, especially, the Hall of Worship, conforms to that particular of all Bahai temples and is so calm and quiet that a low whisper echoes loudly within the structure. No image representing a faith are housed here except the copies from the Holy Scriptures and wooden pews. The making of the temple was carried out 1986 and from then it was available to the public.

Bahai Temple in Delhi has often been when compared with Sydney Opera House. And ‘this simple but nonetheless lobby 34.27 meters in the center of the temple where people sit and meditate. Petal niches within the temple is engraved with quotes in the Bahai writings to promote. Although the temple is one of the Bahai sect is open to people of faiths. Baha’i religion an independent is an extremely important prayer and meditation tools to advance in the human. Committed to the unity of religions and of humanity which goes back to the prophet Bahaullah was born in Persia within the 20th century

The structure of the Bahai Temple consists of pure white marble the same shape as a half-opened lotus, reaching a height in excess of 40m, and is surrounded by deftly groomed lawns. This architectural wonder consists of a combination of marble, cement, sand and dolomite. It’s possible to see 27 giant white petals of marble inside a lotus shape, springing from nine pools and walkways suggestive of the nine unifying spiritual paths from the Bahai faith.

The Bahai Lotus Temple complex is spread over 26 acres. The architecture of Lotus Temple follows the foundations laid out by the Bahai Faith. `Abdu’l-Baha, the son from the founder of the religion, stipulated that the essential architectural character of the House of Worship is a nine-sided circular shape.

How to Reach: The monument is within South Delhi and tourists may take auto rickshaws, taxis, buses or even the Metro Rail.

Closed to tourists during morning and evening prayers, Tuesday- Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.