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Shingnapur village in maharashtra,India,is famous for its shani dev temples and people from all over the world visit this place to remove the ill effects of sadhe saati from their lives.

Shani Shingnapur, situated in Shingnapur distict of Maharashtra is among the prime abode of lord Shani. The stone statue of lord Shani present here’s believed to have appeared by itself. There are many temples of Lord Shani within our country but Shani Shingnapur is exclusive and distinct of all. It has its own significance.

Shani Shingnapur Temple Story

The black stone statue contained in Shani Shingnapur is believed to have appeared by itself. This statue is positioned on a marble stage. This statue of lord Shani exists under the open sky with no canopy or shelter. In spite of the adversities of climate like intense sunlight, storms, cold and rain, this statue exists in a good form. This statue is resistant against all the adversities of nature.

There’s a tale associated with this statue. Based on this tale a shepherd had a piece of stone and lord Shani ordered him to place this in an open premises. Also, he told him to provide oil to the statue. He established the statue obeying an order of the lord. Since that time, the tradition of worshiping lord Shani and offering him oil continued.

Shani Shingnapur Temple Importance

Shani Shingnapur temple can be found at Ahmadnagar in Maharashtra which is one of the sacred pilgrimage. Devotees all around the world come to this miraculous temple of Shingnapur. They obtain the rare glimpse of lord Shani as well as pray to get his blessings.

There are numerous popular beliefs related to this temple. Everyone else of devotees surround the temple on every Saturday and each month on Amavasya. People of the many corner of India come only at that place and devoutly worship lord Shani. Special arrangements are created here on the occasion of Shani Jayanti.

Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur is famous for its Shani dev temples and people visit this place to remove the ill effects of sadhe saati, They pour mustard oil and water along with prasadi to  pay tribute to Shani Dev and make him happy so that he can bestow his blessings on them.

Shingnapur Village

Shani Shingnapur village can be found in Shani Shingnapur Dham. Its particularity seperates it in the other temples. Nowadays people make various security arrangements to safeguard their goods but only at that small village no homes are locked and no doors are shut. Furthermore, people never keep their belongings in any almirah or locker.

People use bags to have their valuables. It is thought that if lord Shani can there be to protect their village, tthere shouldn’t be fear of thieves and thefts. People here think that anyone indulged in theft here’s not able to leave this village after which experiences lord Shani’s anger. The folks coming here never lock their vehicles and feel safe without facing any issue.

How to reach Shingnapur

The distance of Shingnapur from Nasik is 170 kms, 280 kms from Mumbai,approximately 85 kms from Aurangabad,is 70 kms from Shirdi and 35 kms from Ahmednagar.

  • By Road

Alight on Aurangabad-Ahmednagar N.H.No 60. at Ghodegaon and Shanishingapur is 5 Kms after that. Or, on Manmad-Ahmednagar N.H. No 10, alight at Rahuri and Shanishingnapur is 32 Kms after that. From there, one can avail the bus-shuttle services.

After that, one can utilize the State Transport Bus services, taxis, bus services etc.

  • By Train

It’s possible to travel from any corner of India to Shanishingnapur. For this, the suggested railway stations are Ahmednagar, Rahuri, Shrirampur and Belapur. From all of these railway destinations, you will find S.T. buses, Jeeps, Taxis etc. facilities to Shanishingnapur.

  • By Air

Having arrived from abroad to Mumbai or any other from other states to Aurangabad or Pune by air, it’s possible to avail S.T. bus, jeeps, taxies facilities upto Shanishingnapur.

Nearby places to visit

Shri Datta Temple is around 40 kms from Shingnapur and is extremely gorgeously built in addition to the  with magnificence of nature surrounding it.
Devgad Renuka Temple is 7 kms away from Shingnapur is totally produced from glass.
Shirdi temple is around 75 kms from Shingnapur is a famous temple not only in India but in foreign too.
Sri Kshetra Tryambakeshwar, one of your Jyotilingas of shiva is in the vicinity of Nasik.
Ashtvinayak Temple of Ozhar and lenyadi are closer to this site.