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India is actually a nation along with a lot of shades on a single canvas. The diversity might be witnessed in every single sphere such as culture, landscape, purely natural beauty, geography, climate, culture, religion as well as tradition. Nevertheless, all of those are woven so closely as well as beautifully which the full image is remarkable which is India. The saying Unity in Diversity completely suits along with India. Any time you travel to India, you are going to have amazing possibility to observe as well as encounter it’s beauty. In what ever aspect of the nation you are going to travel you shall find all over the place diverse charm as well as specialty.

India travel gives many sights like beaches, hill stations, cultural heritage, traditional monuments, deserts, wildlife, landscape beauty, fairs as well as festivals as well as lots far more. Travelers also come to India to go to it’s cultural heritage. In case you wish to find out the cultural heritage of the nation, Taj Mahal India, Khajuraho, Red Fort Delhi, Golden Fort Jaisalmer, Konark Temple, Caves of Ajanta & Ellora, as well as many magnificent monuments in Rajasthan are must go to sights. Visiting these traditional monuments, temples as well as architectural landmarks of the nation will be a particular encounter of heritage India travel.

There are hundreds as well as thousands of temples thriving in India, but only few have stood through away the history since the example of excellent architecture as well as religious significance. Konark Sun Temple, also called the Black Pagoda, is one such temple situated upon the shores of Orissa that is an example of undying history. There are a lot of legends attached along with Konark temple that was built by Narashima Deva I in 1278 AD.

The architectural grandeur of the temple might be known from the fact which the entire temple is made inside the form of a chariot of the sun god, along with 24 wheels, having 10 feet extended diameter, decorated by spokes as well as beautiful carvings. The architecture grandeur has seven horses dragging the temple as well as two lions standing in front of the entrance.

Every single year, a lot of festivals are organized that adds glory to the place. The major festivals that take place at the temple are Konark Dance festival as well as Chandrabhaga Mela.

Konark dance festival takes place inside the beginning of the month of December where several beautiful dance recitals are performed. Chandrabhaga Mela takes place inside the month of February where deities from all over the world come to celebrate the birth of Sun God as well as take dip inside the holy waters of the river Chandrabhaga. Konark Temple is the spot that should not be missed at any cost by travelers coming to India.