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Golden temple is one of most popular spiritual place in India. This is Sikhism’s Holiest site and this temple welcomes all to enjoy its beauty and spirituality.

The Golden Temple is an extremely spiritual place of all the “spiritual” places in India. The Harmandir Sahib had an environment of tranquility quite unlike the temples I’d previously visited in India. Pilgrims take dips within the Amrit Sarovar, the sacred pool water around the golden temple, as verses in the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism’s holy book, are sung within the temple throughout the day. Volunteers prepare free vegetarian meals for pilgrims and also the temple is open to visitors all faiths.

Why go to the Golden Temple ?

This quote comes from Guru Arjan Dev Ji, as he looked at the Golden Temple. These words captures in lots of ways the mood and ambience in the Harmandir Sahib, which is the temples real name. Few places combine amazing surroundings having a calm and peaceful atmosphere much better than the Golden Temple.

The region surrounding the temple holds not only the Golden Temple. The Darbar Sahib temple complex, that the place is often called, includes many Sikh shrines, temples and other holy places.

Golden Temple Amritsar

Three holy trees can be found inside the temple area, each one of these associated with a historical event or perhaps a Sikh saint. In the middle of the temple are stands the crown jewel; the Golden Temple encompassed by the lake. The lakes name, Amritsar, means “Lake of the immortal nectar”.

You Must Eat at the Golden Temple

There isn’t any charge to enter the temple and they’ll even feed you for the efforts of coming to visit. The Golden Temple feeds as much as 100,000 people each day from the free kitchen run by volunteers. An incredible feat in its own right, but what’s even more amazing is that this continues to be going for 450 years without missing a single day.

No matter what your position in everyday life, everyone eats together on the ground. You may find yourself sitting beside a high profile, Royalty or the President and they’ll be treated exactly the same.Your meals are clean and delicious and the 450 many years of practice is evident as they feed lots of people at once in a matter of 10 minutes. Dahl, chapati, ghee and aloo gobi take presctiption the menu and cooked perfectly.Once you are finished, you scoop your stainless steel tray and go to the wash station because the next wave of pilgrims file in. It’s a fascinating experience and one to not be missed.

The Golden Temple during the night

Night time is not to be missed. The temple glistens underneath the lights and the mood is calm and quiet. In the dawn to midnight the Shabad Kirtan is surely an unbroken chain of the Devine remembrance. It has been so for years and years as the wind and also the Beri trees and the water are covered with the music that’s The Word. There’s no other prayer but to tune one’s soul towards the word being sung by devotees who’ve come and gone and may keep coming in the future.

Relaxing in the recesses from the Darbar Sahib itself, or perhaps in the parikrama area or perhaps the rooms of the sarais round the temple the devotees hear the term and therefore are awaken to raised degree of consciousness until they hear what’s actually the final spiritual experience, the Anahad Shabad (the soundless Word).

You can easily spend hours at the Golden Temple.

Found in the centre of the city of Amritsar, the complex is big and can be seen from everywhere. As you walk round the marble walkway, the soothing song from the musicians and priests singing in the holy book plays in the loudspeakers.Don’t worry though, Sikhs don’t have confidence in noise pollution, so the speakers are positioned at a comfortable volume and they’re respectful of not having the sound travel not even close to the complex walls.After a couple of hours, we finally made our method to the causeway that leads to the entrance from the Golden Temple. The crowd was thick, but orderly.

That’s until we finally went to the entrance. It was pushing and shoving from everywhere to obtain inside. And we couldn’t understand the hurry as you are allowed to spend as much time as you desire.The main level has musicians and holy men relaxing in the middle. They are in a constant state of playing and singing from sun as much as sun down. They take turns reciting in 2 hour intervals. The book is displayed under a white cloth and individuals throw money into the center as though their life depended on it. Which oftentimes, they probably feel that it will.

We walked up to another two levels and stayed enjoying the view while others around us prayed and paid attention to the words.

Few Things to Bear in mind

Beautiful Golden Temple

In the summers, the Golden Temple of Amritsar is opened from 7.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m. whilst in the winters you can visit the temple from 7.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m. Despite the great sacredness, the most amazing feature about the temple is always that it is opened to visitors all race and religion. One easy thing that the visitors must bear in mind is that while paying a visit to the temple, the visitors mustn’t engage in drinking alcohol, eating meat or smoking. The readers are required to keep their shoes in the entrance, cover the heads with bandana and wash their foot within the pool prior to entering this spiritual place.

Unlike a few of the other Indian Temples, you’d be welcomed heartily and won’t be pressurized to choose buying anything! One can also secure information, advice and booklets about Sikhism in the information office located left of the main entrance.

It’s peaceful and beautiful.

visit the temple at different times to savor its beauty and different energies at different times during the the day.t is a sanctuary within this hectic land known as India and definitely our favorite destination of the country to date. If you are going to make the long visit to India, make sure to add The Golden Temple of Amritsar for your itinerary.