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The cultural heritage of south India is one of a kind and this will be the reason why it is actually identified all over the world. South India is also popular for its classical dances and music.

The cultural heritage of south India is one of a kind and this will be the reason why it is actually identified all over the world. The persons living in south India belong to distinctive castes and customs. There are actually Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Tamilians, Keralites and lots of extra. But the unity of the persons makes them one. Just about every city or state in South India has its history and traditions, but just about all of them are popular for the architectural designs of the attractive temples, churches and monuments.

Tamil Nadu Heritage Tour

Situated alongside the coastline of Bay of Bengal, and breathtaking sights of the Western Ghats the state is also a dwelling to the rarest confluence of the 3 oceans, namely Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. The state is extremely industrialized plus the has the metropolitan state capital of Chennai which is now the best-sought destination in India for its state of the art well being care units, IT, biotechnology plus the automobile capital of the country. The state of Tamil Nadu is also identified for its fantastic temple architecture. Kancheepuram also referred to as the ‘Golden city of Temples’ was when a proud capital of the Pallavas, Cholas, and Vijaynagar kings. Dravidian style of temple architecture is visible in most of the temples of Tamil Nadu. These temples are substantial in size and in some cases encompass whole townships. Lots of of them are substantial with towering structures referred to as gopurams. Bharatanatyam is among the oldest dance forms of India that originated in Tamil Nadu. It was originally performed in temples as component of the religious ritual. This classical dance of the ‘devadasis’ (temple dancers) is now popular all through the world. Bharat Natyam combines melody, rhythm, facial expressions, hand gestures, and postures of the body to portray narratives of devotional themes. Tamil, the oldest living language inside the world will be the language spoken by the natives. Coimbatore is among the most industrialized cities inside the state and is popularly identified as “The Textile Capital of South India” or “The Manchester of the South”.

Andhra Pradesh Heritage Tour

Andhra Pradesh uniquely combines history, beaches, and mountains into an incredible travel destination. It is actually the dwelling of wealthy folk tradition. Lots of temples in A.P. attract tourists and also a substantial quantity of pilgrims. Most important languages spoken are, Telugu, English, Urdu, and Hindi. There are actually 34 Rivers, which flow by way of A.P. It is actually also referred to as as the “Rice Granary of India”. The world popular Kuchipudi dance took birth in Andhra Pradesh. The state had been an significant seat of wealthy Buddhist Heritage.

Karnataka Heritage Tour



The tradition has intermingled using the technologies most effective inside the state of Karnataka. The state is predominantly a Hindu state with minorities like Muslims and Christians living here. Karnataka harbors a variance of interests which include the ruins of Vijaynagar, sculptures of Belur and Halebid; Mausoleum of Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur; golden sands of Karavalli, proud hills of Kodau; majestic mysore word’s tallest freestanding monolith of Bahubali. Karnataka also gives the exquisitely carved temples, rockcut caves, gardens, National parks and bird sanctuary, falls, forts and so on. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India for its booming computer software. Kannada will be the principal language of Karnataka.

Kerala Heritage Tour

Every place features its own heritage and culture; likewise Kerala includes a rich cultural background, that makes it one of the best destinations of India. This beautiful landscape has its own intriguing customs, high-intensity cultural life, as well as an educated public. The place of Kerala around the southern tip from the Indian mainland causes it to be popular because of its backwaters. The limited population from the place is scattered over large acres of land encompassed by green area and water bodies.

The word what spoken through the natives is Malyalum.Overall the city is renowned for its churches and temples. The primary occupation of those is agriculture; but woodcarving and metal work are also found in the tradition. The temple structures of Kerala stand witness towards the beauty and stability from the heritage. This art appeared as deified images as stylized Buddhas, awe-inspiring Rama figures, the human Krishna forms and serene figures, which contrasted amicably with perfection from the dancing Shiva. Kerala is renowned for its Handicrafts in wood, horn, metal mirrors, brass lamps, coir mats, handloom fabrics, gold jewellery in exquisite designs and more importantly coir products, woven from coconut husk fibre.

Majority of the folks Kerala are Dravidians. Hinduism may be the main religion with significant percentages of Muslims and Christians. Some people still remain in houses produced in the traditional way, in which the baths are kept away, far away from the house. The standard feast of Kerala is Sadya.This dish is served on the clean fresh banana leaf. The primary food includes mainly rice and countless curries. Based on the old customs of eating, people here eat their food looking at the floor. Aside from this, Kerala offers a good deal of seafood also.