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There are a number of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, spread all across India. The number of temples in North India is far more than those in South India.

Lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu and one of the most important Hindu religion figures. He played a major role in Mahabharata and it is believed that because of his popularity in the Hindu epic, there are many famous Krishna temples in India which are located in different parts of the country. All the Krishna temples are associated with different legend from Krishna’s life and well as known by varied names.

Here are some of the Krishna temples of India which are visited by the devout and dedicated followers of Lord Krishna. You can choose from the list of temples given below to celebrate Janmashtami this year.

Lord Krishna Temples In India

Lord Krishna Temples In India

Top 6 Lord Krishna Temples In India:

Vrindavan Temple

It is believed that Lord Krishna spend his childhood in this city. After King Akbar visited the city, he ordered to build 4 temples of Lord Krishna (Madana-mohana, Govindaji, Gopinatha and Jugal Kisore). Located near Mathura, you can visit famous Lord Krishna temples like Banke Bihari Temple, Krishna Balaram Mandir, ISKCON, Govindaji Temple, Madana Mohana Temple to name a few.

Dwarkadish Temple

This temple is situated in Dwaraka, Gujarat and is named after Lord Krishna’s kingdom. It is significantly a 5 storey structure which stands on 72 pillars and is built around 2500 years ago. It is situated on the coast line of Gujarat which was ruled by Yadava clan once.

ISKCON Temples

This internationally famed Krishna Temple comprises an important part of South India tourism. ISKCON Temples are present all over the world, while in South India you can cover those in Chennai and Bangalore this Janmashtami. Amazing architectural splendour is seen in the ISKCON temples which attracts spiritual tourists as well as leisure travellers from every corner of the world. ISKCON temples are there in Delhi, Vrindavan, Bangalore, Kolkata, Assam to name a few places.

Rajagopalaswamy Temple

One of the renowned Krishna temples of South India, it is situated at Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu. Rajagopalaswamy is the idol residing at the temple who is a form of Lord Krishna. It is also known as Dakshina Dwarka. Panguni Thiruvizha is celebrated with lots of festivity. This temple is an appreciated Vaishnavite shrines in South India tourism.

iskcon temples in delhi

iskcon temples in delhi

Jugal Kishore Temple

Located in Mathura city (birthplace of Lord Krishna), you can visit this peaceful holy pilgrimage and find solace. Jugal Kishore Temple is one of the most popular and the oldest temples of Lord Krishna in Mathura. Jugal Kishore temple is also known as Kesi Ghata temple as Lord Krishna killed the demon Kesi and took bath on this ghat. An aarti to Yamuna Devi is offered every evening here.

Venugopala Swamy Temple

Another ideal Krishna temples of Hoysala architecture, this temples resides in Mysore at Karnataka. It is located beside Krishnaraja Sagara Dam in Mysore. This temple of Lord Krishna had the main idol of Venugopalaswamy where the idol was seen playing a flute. This temple along with two others got submerged and were later rehabilitated.